Roger Reeves

ProfessorRoger Reeves

100 level supervisor
Beatrice Tinsley 421
Internal Phone: 95943


Research Interests

Semiconductor thin film growth and characterisation particularly transparent conducting oxides that have applications in new electronics. The growth techniques used include molecular beam epitaxy, pulsed laser deposition and Mist-chemical vapour deposition. Optical characterisation is done with low temperature photoluminescence and photoconductivity.

Recent Publications

  • Cheung R., Reeves RJ. and Brown SA. (2000) Process-induced defects and optical memory in gallium nitride. In Beke DL; Fisher DJ; Murch GE (Ed.), Defects and Diffusion in Ceramics, Vol. 186-187: Defect and Diffusion Forum: 61-70. Switzerland: Trans Tech Publications.
  • Herklotz F., Chaplygin I., Lavrov EV., Neiman A., Reeves RJ. and Allen MW. (2019) Bistability of a hydrogen defect with a vibrational mode at 3326cm-1 in ZnO. Physical Review B 99(11)
  • Hou C., Gazoni RM., Reeves RJ. and Allen MW. (2019) Direct comparison of plain and oxidized metal Schottky contacts on β-Ga 2 O 3. Applied Physics Letters 114(3)
  • Hou C., Gazoni RM., Reeves RJ. and Allen MW. (2019) High-Temperature β-Ga2O3 Schottky Diodes and UVC Photodetectors Using RuOx Contacts. IEEE Electron Device Letters 40(10): 1587-1590.
  • Hou C., Gazoni RM., Reeves RJ. and Allen MW. (2019) Oxidized Metal Schottky Contacts on (010) β-Ga 2 O 3. IEEE Electron Device Letters 40(2): 337-340.