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Post Doctoral FellowDr Rodrigo Martinez Gazoni

Internal Phone: 92840


Research Interests

My present research in solid state physics involves the study of wide band gap semiconductors that present the rare coexistence of high electrical conductivity and transparency.

I study the structural, optical and electrical properties of transparent conducting oxides (TCOs) to better understand the fundamental mechanisms that govern the highly unusual properties exhibit by these materials, and to ultimately gain control over them. This will open the door to exciting new technologies such as transparent solar cells and electronics.

My previous research experience in nanoscience includes mesoporous photonic crystals and photonic-plasmonic coupled metamaterials for the manipulation of light in the nanoscale.

I have experience in a wide variety of imaging, diffraction, spectroscopic, electric and optical techniques, which complement my expertise in non-destructive studies acquired during my work in the aerospace industry.

Recent Publications

  • Hou C., Gazoni RM., Reeves RJ. and Allen MW. (2021) Dramatic Improvement in the Rectifying Properties of Pd Schottky Contacts on β-Ga2O3During Their High-Temperature Operation. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 68(4): 1791-1797.
  • McNeill AR., Martinez-Gazoni R., Reeves RJ., Allen MW. and Downard AJ. (2021) Electroreduction of Aryldiazonium Ion at the Polar and Non-Polar Faces of ZnO: Characterisation of the Grafted Films and Their Influence on Near-Surface Band Bending. ChemPhysChem 22(13): 1344-1351.
  • Gazoni RM., Carroll L., Scott JI., Astley S., Evans DA., Downard AJ., Reeves RJ. and Allen MW. (2020) Relationship between the hydroxyl termination and band bending at (2¯ 01)β-G a2 O3 surfaces. Physical Review B 102(3)
  • Hou C., York KR., Makin RA., Durbin SM., Gazoni RM., Reeves RJ. and Allen MW. (2020) High temperature (500 °c) operating limits of oxidized platinum group metal (PtOx, IrOx, PdOx, RuOx) Schottky contacts on β-Ga2O3. Applied Physics Letters 117(20)
  • Hou C., Gazoni RM., Reeves RJ. and Allen MW. (2019) Direct comparison of plain and oxidized metal Schottky contacts on β-Ga 2 O 3. Applied Physics Letters 114(3)