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Senior LecturerPhoebe Macrae

Psychology 310
Internal Phone: 95126


Research Interests

Despite the fact that many treatment techniques exist for patients who have swallowing impairment as a result of neurologic injury, there is very little evidence for these treatments. This is due, in large part, to the immense task inherent in trying to determine how our brain controls this complex behaviour.
Related to these limitations in swallowing literature, I have 3 distinct, but interdependent areas of research that are encompassed by my overall research question 'how does the brain control swallowing?'. I have completed and published numerous investigations aimed at documenting the effects of various swallowing treatments on swallowing behaviours. As part of ensuring the integrity of these treatment investigations, I have also completed and published many methodological explorations, aimed at providing reliability, validity, and variance estimates for the tools used to measure swallowing outcomes. After completing my post-doctoral fellowship, my research interests have expanded to incorporate motor-learning principles into the treatment of swallowing disorders. Limb rehabilitation is entrenched in a long history of empirical evidence using motor learning principles. Guided by this theoretical framework of physical rehabilitation, and utilizing recent collaborations I have made with other disciplines, many of my research endeavors are now aimed at exploring how the concepts of limb rehabilitation can influence our management of swallowing impairment.

Recent Publications

  • Ng KB., Guiu Hernandez E., Erfmann KLC., Jones RD., Macrae P. and Huckabee ML. (2021) Effect of Volitional Effort on Submental Surface Electromyographic Activity During Healthy Swallowing. Dysphagia
  • Ng KB., Jones RD., Hernandez EG., Macrae P. and Huckabee ML. (2021) Classification of Stroke Patients With Dysphagia Into Subgroups Based on Patterns of Submental Muscle Strength and Skill Impairment. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 102(5): 895-904.
  • Winiker K., Burnip E., Gozdzikowska K., Guiu Hernandez E., Hammond R., Macrae P. and Huckabee ML. (2021) Ultrasound: Validity of a Pocket-Sized System in the Assessment of Swallowing. Dysphagia
  • Winiker K., Burnip E., Gozdzikowska K., Hernandez EG., Hammond R., Macrae P., Thomas P. and Huckabee ML. (2021) Ultrasound: Reliability of a pocket-sized system in the assessment of swallowing. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research 64(8): 2928-2940.
  • Winiker K., Gozdzikowska K., Guiu Hernandez E., Kwong SL., Macrae P. and Huckabee ML. (2021) Potential for Behavioural Pressure Modulation at the Upper Oesophageal Sphincter in Healthy Swallowing. Dysphagia