Peyman Zawar-Reza

ProfessorPeyman Zawar-Reza

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 226
Internal Phone: 94057
I am the Program Director of the Bachelor of Data Science. My interests are in analysis of high-frequency signals from complex dynamical systems


Research Interests

I am primarily a highly interdisciplinary Data Scientist interested in understanding complex dynamical systems, by analyzing their high frequency outputs/data, from which we might be able to infer their intrinsic mechanisms. Most of my research to date has involved studying the role of turbulence in the atmosphere, but recent advances in neurosciences has highlighted the fact the brain signals, can also be studied using methods applied to turbulent motion in fluids.

Recent Publications

  • Purdie H., Zawar-Reza P., Katurji M., Schumacher B., Kerr T. and Bealing P. (2023) Variability in the vertical temperature profile within crevasses at an alpine glacier. Journal of Glaciology 69(274): 410-424.
  • Schumacher B., Katurji M., Zhang J., Zawar-Reza P., Adams B. and Zeeman M. (2022) Adaptive thermal image velocimetry of spatial wind movement on landscapes using near-target infrared cameras. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 15(19): 5681-5700.
  • Vannier C., Cochrane TA., Zawar-Reza P. and Bellamy L. (2022) Development of a Systems Model for Assessing Pathways to Resilient, Sustainable, and Profitable Agriculture in New Zealand. Land 11(12)
  • Katurji M., Zhang J., Satinsky A., McNair H., Schumacher B., Strand T., Valencia A., Finney M., Pearce G. and Kerr J. (2021) Turbulent Thermal Image Velocimetry at the Immediate Fire and Atmospheric Interface. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 126(24)
  • Porhemmat R., Purdie H., Zawar-Reza P., Zammit C. and Kerr T. (2021) The influence of atmospheric circulation patterns during large snowfall events in New Zealand's Southern Alps. International Journal of Climatology 41(4): 2397-2417.