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Emeritus ProfessorPeter Steel


Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include four areas:
- New Heterocyclic Ligands:
The design and synthesis of new heterocyclic compounds and the study of their transition metal complexes. Recent emphasis has been on new binucleating ligands, new monochiral ligands, and ligands containing less-common heterocyclic rings systems.
- Metallosupramolecular Chemistry:
The use of metal ions to control the self-assembly of new supramolecular structures with unusual molecular architecture. Recent examples include topologically-new molecular cages, boxes, rings, ladders, clefts and helicates.
- Cyclometallated Compounds:
The synthesis and study of new cyclometallated compounds, with particular emphasis on multiply metallated compounds and applications of NMR spectroscopy to the prediction of the regio- and stereo-chemistries of the cyclometallation reactions.
- Heterocyclic Compounds:
The synthesis and study of heterocyclic compounds. New heterocyclic ring systems. Structural studies of the tautomerism of heterocyclic compounds, both in solution and the solid state. Fundamental aspects of the structure and properties of heterocycles.

Recent Publications

  • Steel PJ. and McMorran DA. (2019) Selective Anion Recognition by a Dynamic Quadruple Helicate. Chemistry - An Asian Journal 14(8): 1098-1101.
  • Zhang H., Wang Z., Ghiviriga I., Pillai GG., Jabeen F., Arami JA., Zhou W., Steel PJ., Dennis Hall C. and Katritzky AR. (2017) Synthesis, characterization and energetic properties of novel 1-methyl-1,2,4-triazolium N-aryl/N-pyridinyl ylids. Tetrahedron Letters 58(12): 1079-1085.
  • Hoff JJ., Zhu L., Dong Y., Albers T., Steel PJ., Cui X., Wen Y., Lebedyeva I. and Miao S. (2016) Diazapentacene derivatives: Synthesis, properties, and structures. RSC Advances 6(90): 86824-86828.
  • Rajan S., Keene FR. and Steel PJ. (2016) Metallosupramolecular Chemistry of AgI Complexes with Azobis(2-pyridine) and its Derivatives. Australian Journal of Chemistry 69(6): 612-617.
  • Zhang H., Wang Z., Jabeen F., Gopinathan-Pillai G., Yeung J., Sibble AJ., Mathelier M., Berman HM., Zhou W. and Steel PJ. (2016) The Synthesis and Energetic Properties of Pyridinium and Triazolium N-(Nitrobenzoyl)-imides. Arkivoc : 99-109.