Paula Jameson

Paula Jameson

Plant Biology
Julius von Haast 531
Internal Phone: 95181


Research Interests

Research interests are:
- Developmental plant physiology with particular interests in the roles of the plant hormones in growth and development, particularly the cytokinins. Current research includes projects on seed development, phase change, flowering, fruit development and senescence
- The interaction between the environment, the physiology and the molecular biology underpinning flowering and perenniality in native species
- Plant-microbe interactions with a particular focus on the perturbation of plant hormones by the microbe and the mechanisms invoked by the plant to retain hormone homeostasis

Recent Publications

  • Chen L., Zhao J., Song J. and Jameson PE. (2021) Cytokinin glucosyl transferases, key regulators of cytokinin homeostasis, have potential value for wheat improvement. Plant Biotechnology Journal 19(5): 878-896.
  • de Nys R., Jameson PE. and Brown MT. (2021) The influence of cytokinins on the growth of macrocystis pyrifera. Botanica Marina: 465-467.
  • Grant JE., Ninan A., Cripps-Guazzone N., Shaw M., Song J., Petřík I., Novák O., Tegeder M. and Jameson PE. (2021) Concurrent overexpression of amino acid permease AAP1 (3a) and SUT1 sucrose transporter in pea resulted in increased seed number and changed cytokinin and protein levels. Functional Plant Biology 48(9): 889-904.
  • Guo Q., Li X., Niu L., Jameson PE. and Zhou W. (2021) Transcription-associated metabolomic adjustments in maize occur during combined drought and cold stress. Plant Physiology 186(1): 677-695.
  • Samarth., Lee R., Kelly D., Turnbull MH., Macknight RC., Poole AM. and Jameson PE. (2021) Molecular control of the floral transition in the mast seeding plant Celmisia lyallii (Asteraceae). Molecular Ecology 30(8): 1846-1863.