Paul Kruger

ProfessorPaul Kruger

Beatrice Tinsley 425
Internal Phone: 94367

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Our research interests touch upon all aspects of supramolecular chemistry ranging from organic synthesis and coordination chemistry, through materials and structural chemistry, to host-guest and sensor chemistry. This work is underpinned by structural analysis by single-crystal X-ray diffraction which is complimented by a range of spectroscopic techniques.

Our research into coordination polymers and porous metal-organic frameworks involves transition and lanthanide metal ions and poly-carboxylate-poly-pyridine ligands. We are also interested in the coordination chemistry of clusters as structural and functional bio-models and their potential to behave as single molecule magnets.

Our work in Supramolecular Chemistry ranges from anion coordination chemistry and sensing, involving the development of naked-eye sensors for anions in aqueous media; to the supramolecular coordination chemistry of helical complexes, incorporating metallo- helicate synthesis and anion directed synthesis of helical species. Recent work looks to marry Fe(II)-based spin-crossover (SCO) phenomena into helicate systems in an attempt to form sensor molecules who output derives from SCO associated colour changes.

Recent Publications

  • Ako AM., Kathalikkattil AC., Elliott R., Soriano-López J., McKeogh IM., Zubair M., Zhu N., García-Melchor M., Kruger PE. and Schmitt W. (2020) Synthetic Approaches to Metallo-Supramolecular CoIIPolygons and Potential Use for H2O Oxidation. Inorganic Chemistry 59(19): 14432-14438.
  • Healy C., Patil KM., Wilson BH., Hermanspahn L., Harvey-Reid NC., Howard BI., Kleinjan C., Kolien J., Payet F. and Telfer SG. (2020) The thermal stability of metal-organic frameworks. Coordination Chemistry Reviews 419
  • Ma S., Yang H., Chen X., Hu G., Chen WT., Bradley SJ., Zhang W., Verma G., Nann T. and Jiang DE. (2020) Highly efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution promoted by O-Mo-C interfaces of ultrafine β-Mo2C nanostructures. Chemical Science 11(13): 3523-3530.
  • Preston D. and Kruger PE. (2020) Using Complementary Ligand Denticity to Direct Metallosupramolecular Structure about Metal Ions with Square-Planar Geometry. ChemPlusChem 85(3): 454-465.
  • Preston D., Patil KM., O'Neil AT., Vasdev RAS., Kitchen JA. and Kruger PE. (2020) Long-cavity [Pd2L4]4+cages and designer 1,8-naphthalimide sulfonate guests: Rich variation in affinity and differentiated binding stoichiometry. Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 7(16): 2990-3001.