Paul Kruger

ProfessorPaul Kruger

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Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Our research interests touch upon all aspects of supramolecular chemistry ranging from organic synthesis and coordination chemistry, through materials and structural chemistry, to host-guest and sensor chemistry. This work is underpinned by structural analysis by single-crystal X-ray diffraction which is complimented by a range of spectroscopic techniques.

Our research into coordination polymers and porous metal-organic frameworks involves transition and lanthanide metal ions and poly-carboxylate-poly-pyridine ligands. We are also interested in the coordination chemistry of clusters as structural and functional bio-models and their potential to behave as single molecule magnets.

Our work in Supramolecular Chemistry ranges from anion coordination chemistry and sensing, involving the development of naked-eye sensors for anions in aqueous media; to the supramolecular coordination chemistry of helical complexes, incorporating metallo- helicate synthesis and anion directed synthesis of helical species. Recent work looks to marry Fe(II)-based spin-crossover (SCO) phenomena into helicate systems in an attempt to form sensor molecules who output derives from SCO associated colour changes.

Recent Publications

  • Guo F., Yang H., Liu L., Han Y., Al-Enizi AM., Nafady A., Kruger PE., Telfer SG. and Ma S. (2019) Hollow capsules of doped carbon incorporating metal@metal sulfide and metal@metal oxide core-shell nanoparticles derived from metal-organic framework composites for efficient oxygen electrocatalysis. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7(8): 3624-3631.
  • Preston D. and Kruger PE. (2019) Reversible Transformation between a [PdL2 ]2+ "Figure-of-Eight" Complex and a [Pd2 L2 ]4+ Dimer: Switching On and Off Self-Recognition.. Chemistry - A European Journal 25(7): 1781-1786.
  • Archer RJ., Scott HS., Polson MIJ., Williamson BE., Mathonière C., Rouzières M., Clérac R. and Kruger PE. (2018) Varied spin crossover behaviour in a family of dinuclear Fe(ii) triple helicate complexes. Dalton Transactions 47(24): 7965-7974.
  • Morshedi M., Ward JS., Kruger PE. and White NG. (2018) Supramolecular frameworks based on 5,10,15,20-tetra(4-carboxyphenyl)porphyrins. Dalton Transactions 47(3): 783-790.
  • Scott HS., Mukherjee S., Turner DR., Polson MIJ., Zaworotko MJ. and Kruger PE. (2018) Crystal engineering of dichromate pillared hybrid ultramicroporous materials incorporating pyrazole-based ligands. CrystEngComm 20(9): 1193-1197.