Paul Kruger

ProfessorPaul Kruger

Julius von Haast room 628
Internal Phone: 94367

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Our research interests touch upon all aspects of supramolecular chemistry ranging from organic synthesis and coordination chemistry, through materials and structural chemistry, to host-guest and sensor chemistry. This work is underpinned by structural analysis by single-crystal X-ray diffraction which is complimented by a range of spectroscopic techniques.

Our research into coordination polymers and porous metal-organic frameworks involves transition and lanthanide metal ions and poly-carboxylate-poly-pyridine ligands. We are also interested in the coordination chemistry of clusters as structural and functional bio-models and their potential to behave as single molecule magnets.

Our work in Supramolecular Chemistry ranges from anion coordination chemistry and sensing, involving the development of naked-eye sensors for anions in aqueous media; to the supramolecular coordination chemistry of helical complexes, incorporating metallo- helicate synthesis and anion directed synthesis of helical species. Recent work looks to marry Fe(II)-based spin-crossover (SCO) phenomena into helicate systems in an attempt to form sensor molecules who output derives from SCO associated colour changes.

Recent Publications

  • Findlay JA., Patil KM., Gardiner MG., MacDermott-Opeskin HI., O'Mara ML., Kruger PE. and Preston D. (2022) Heteroleptic Tripalladium(II) Cages. Chemistry - An Asian Journal 17(6)
  • Wilson BH., Ward JS., Young DC., Liu J., Mathonière C., Clérac R. and Kruger PE. (2022) Self‐Assembly Synthesis of a [2]Catenane Co II Single‐Molecule Magnet. Angewandte Chemie 134(4)
  • Wilson BH., Ward JS., Young DC., Liu JL., Mathonière C., Clérac R. and Kruger PE. (2022) Self-Assembly Synthesis of a [2]Catenane CoII Single-Molecule Magnet. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 61(4)
  • Yang H., Liu Y., Liu X., Wang X., Tian H., Waterhouse GIN., Kruger PE., Telfer SG. and Ma S. (2022) Large-scale synthesis of N-doped carbon capsules supporting atomically dispersed iron for efficient oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalysis. eScience 2(2): 227-234.
  • Healy C., Hermanspahn L. and Kruger PE. (2021) Photon upconversion in self-assembled materials. Coordination Chemistry Reviews 432