Paul Bealing

Geospatial Science Technician and Web ManagerPaul Bealing

Ernest Rutherford 128
Internal Phone: 95607


B.Sc. (Hons 1st class) (Cant.)


GNSS and Conventional Surveying:

Support for Survey grade GNSS and conventional surveying and hydrographic surveying

Use of Trimble postprocessing software products

Incorporation of data products into GIS software

Field support for research projects and labs

Aerial Mapping and UAVs

Fixed wing UAV pilot. Used in aerial mapping and climate modelling.

Use of structure from motion software (Agisoft)


Geographic Information Systems:

Support for GIS software in teaching and research

Use of GIS to create maps/3d scenes etc for publications/lectures/labs



Use of vector and raster software including ArcGIS, Freehand, Photoshop, Corel Suite for creation of diagrams/maps/figures etc for publications/lectures/labs etc.


Web Content:

Support for Learn for both staff and students.

Creation of web sites for specialist functions e.g. research pages, discussion forums, sharing of materials etc