Nicholas Key

Nick Key


Design, maintenance and repair of research equipment and instruments

Machining, welding and fabrication

Construction of components, structures and ancillary support equipment

Assistance in research equipment deployment and logistics


Field Based Research and Teaching

Assistance and support during field based teaching courses

Assistance and support in field based research


Departmental Research Vessel – Muriatai

Maritime New Zealand Qualified Seafarer

Operation of Department research vessel

Hydrographic Survey

Oceanographic instrumentation deployment

Sample collections including sediments, water and environmental monitoring

General boating


Aerial Mapping and UAVs

Multi-rotor UAV Pilot for use in research and teaching

Aerial mapping

Aerial video and cinematography


Departmental Vehicles

Bookings and management of Departmental Vehicles

Toyota Hiace Cargo Van

Nissan Navara 4WD Double Cab