Martin Dorahy

ProfessorMartin Dorahy

Psychology 511
Internal Phone: 94337


Research Interests

Martin joined the Psychology department early in 2009. He had for the seven years prior to that been in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he completed his Clinical Psychology training. He has an empirical and clinical interest in complex traumatic stress and dissociative disorders. He is also interested in process-oriented psychotherapy and the integration of therapy models.

Recent Publications

  • Bortolon C., Dorahy MJ., Brand R., Dondé C., Slovak S. and Raffard S. (2021) The effect of voice content and social context on shame: a simulation and vignette paradigm to evaluate auditory verbal hallucinations. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry
  • Dorahy MJ., Huntjens RJC., Marsh RJ., Johnson B., Fox K. and Middleton W. (2021) The Sense of Self Over Time: Assessing Diachronicity in Dissociative Identity Disorder, Psychosis and Healthy Comparison Groups. Frontiers in Psychology 12
  • Dorahy MJ., Schultz A., Wooller M., Clearwater K. and Yogeeswaran K. (2021) Acute shame in response to dissociative detachment: evidence from non-clinical and traumatised samples. Cognition and Emotion 35(6): 1150-1162.
  • Kate MA., Jamieson G., Dorahy MJ. and Middleton W. (2021) Measuring Dissociative Symptoms and Experiences in an Australian College Sample Using a Short Version of the Multidimensional Inventory of Dissociation. Journal of Trauma and Dissociation 22(3): 265-287.
  • Marsh RJ., Dorahy MJ., Butler C., Middleton W., de Jong PJ., Kemp S. and Huntjens R. (2021) Inter-identity amnesia for neutral episodic self-referential and autobiographical memory in dissociative identity disorder: An assessment of recall and recognition. PLoS ONE 16(2 Febuary)