Marie Squire

Instrument TechnicianDr Marie Squire

West 748
Internal Phone: 95085


Recent Publications

  • Storer M., Curry K., Squire M., Kingham S. and Epton M. (2015) Breath testing and personal exposure - SIFT-MS detection of breath acetonitrile for exposure monitoring. Journal of Breath Research 9(3) 30006: 7pp.
  • Ferguson A., Staniland RW., Fitchett CM., Squire MA., Williamson BE. and Kruger PE. (2014) Variation of guest selectivity within [Fe4L4](8+) tetrahedral cages through subtle modification of the face-capping ligand.. Dalton Transactions 43(39): 14550-14553.
  • Tomabechi Y., Squire MA. and Fairbanks AJ. (2014) Endo-ß-N-acetylglucosaminidase catalysed glycosylation: tolerance of enzymes to structural variation of the glycosyl amino acid acceptor. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 12(6): 942-955.
  • Williams J., Trautwein-Schult A., Jankowska D., Kunze G., Squire MA. and Baronian K. (2014) Identification of uric acid as the redox molecule secreted by the yeast Arxula adeninivorans. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 98(5): 2223-2229.
  • Ferguson A., Squire MA., Siretanu D., Mitcov D., Mathonière C., Clérac R. and Kruger PE. (2013) A face-capped [Fe4L4]8+ spin crossover tetrahedral cage.. Chemical Communications 49(16): 1597-1599.