Malcolm Campbell

Associate ProfessorMalcolm Campbell

Human Geography
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 309
Internal Phone: 94181
I am a regional scientist and a health geographer.

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Dr. Campbell focuses on Quantitative Human Geography. He is both a regional scientist and a health geographer.

Current Research
Dr Campbell has an established research theme on regional science (funded through NSC11: Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities) with research on Airbnb and Regional Development.

In addition, Dr. Campbell has a research theme with ongoing projects in mGeoHealth and Health Geography as well as being a Deputy Director of the GeoHealth Laboratory at UC.

Malcolm is working on a series of projects which attempt to examine and understand social and spatial inequalities in different contexts. He also has an interest in developing and applying novel methods to geographical problems.

Some current examples of his research include:
Airbnb: disrupting the regional housing market in NZ.
Regional development: Supporting success in regional settlements
mGeoHealth: using smartphone location data to better understand health and health outcomes.
Social Atlas project: examining social and spatial inequalities in New Zealand.

Recent Publications

  • Hobbs M., Marek L., Clarke R., McCarthy J., Tomintz M., Wade A., Campbell M. and Kingham S. (2020) Investigating the prevalence of non-fluoride toothpaste use in adults and children using nationally representative data from New Zealand: a cross-sectional study. British Dental Journal 228(4): 269-276.
  • Hobbs M., Wade A., Jones P., Marek L., Tomintz M., Sharma K., McCarthy J., Mattingley B., Campbell M. and Kingham S. (2020) Area-level deprivation, childhood dental ambulatory sensitive hospitalizations and community water fluoridation: evidence from New Zealand.. Int J Epidemiol
  • Vannier C., Campbell M. and Kingham S. (2020) Pathways to urban health and well-being: measuring and modelling of community services' in a medium size city. Geospatial health 15(1)
  • Campbell M., McNair H., Mackay M. and Perkins HC. (2019) Disrupting the regional housing market: Airbnb in New Zealand. Regional Studies, Regional Science 6(1): 139-142.
  • Hobbs M., Ahuriri-Driscoll A., Marek L., Campbell M., Tomintz M. and Kingham S. (2019) Reducing health inequity for Māori people in New Zealand. The Lancet 394(10209): 1613-1614.