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Juliet Ann Gerrard

Adjunct Professor

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Our research is interdisciplinary and highly collaborative, cutting across biochemistry, chemistry, health, agricultural and food science and biomaterial design. It also incorporates a full spectrum of applied and fundamental research. At present, a major focus is the understanding of the quaternary structure of proteins and the implications that this has for evolution of oligomeric proteins and higher order protein assembly. This research has potential application in the design of novel therapeutic agents (by disrupting quaternary structure) and in the assembly of novel materials, e.g. from higher order quaternary complexes or amyloid fibrils.

Recent Publications

  • Lassé M., Ulluwishewa D., Healy J., Thompson D., Miller A., Roy N., Chitcholtan K. and Gerrard JA. (2016) Evaluation of protease resistance and toxicity of amyloid-like food fibrils from whey, soy, kidney bean, and egg white. Food chemistry 192: 491-498.
  • Kaur M., Roberts S., Healy J., Domigan L., Vasudevamurthy M., Gerrard JA. and Sasso L. (2015) Crystallin Nanofibrils: A Functionalizable Nanoscaffold with Broad Applications Manufactured from Waste. ChemPlusChem 80(5): 810-819.
  • Newton AE., Fairbanks AJ., Golding M., Andrewes P. and Gerrard JA. (2015) The influence of emulsion structure on the Maillard reaction of ghee. Food chemistry 173: 1243-1249.
  • Dimaki M., Vergani M., Heiskanen A., Kwasny D., Sasso L., Carminati M., Gerrard JA., Emneus J. and Svendsen WE. (2014) A compact microelectrode array chip with multiple measuring sites for electrochemical applications. Sensors 14(6): 9505-9521.
  • Phillips AJ., Littlejohn J., Yewdall NA., Zhu T., Valéry C., Pearce FG., Mitra AK., Radjainia M. and Gerrard JA. (2014) Peroxiredoxin is a versatile self-assembling tecton for protein nanotechnology. Biomacromolecules 15(5): 1871-1881.