Jon-Paul Wells

ProfessorJon-Paul Wells

Beatrice Tinsley 419
Internal Phone: 95369


Research Interests

Research interests include ring lasers, interferometry and applications, optoelectronic materials, and free electron laser spectroscopy.

Recent Publications

  • Zou D., Thirkettle RJ., Gebauer A., MacDonald GK., Schreiber KU. and Wells JPR. (2021) Gyroscopic performance and some seismic measurements made with a 10 meter perimeter ring laser gyro housed in the Ernest Rutherford building. Applied Optics 60(6): 1737-1743.
  • Balabhadra S., Reid MF., Golovko V. and Wells JPR. (2020) A comparison of the Yb3+ absorption and upconversion excitation spectra for both the cubic and hexagonal phases of NaYF4:Yb3+/Er3+ nanoparticles. Optical Materials 107
  • Balabhadra S., Reid MF., Golovko V. and Wells J-PR. (2020) Absorption Spectra, Defect Site Distribution and Upconversion Excitation Spectra of CaF2/SrF2/BaF2:Yb3+:Er3+ Nanoparticles. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 834 155165
  • Gebauer A., Tercjak M., Schreiber KU., Igel H., Kodet J., Hugentobler U., Wassermann J., Bernauer F., Lin C-J. and Donner S. (2020) Reconstruction of the Instantaneous Earth Rotation Vector with Sub-Arcsecond Resolution Using a Large Scale Ring Laser Array. Physical Review Letters 125 033605.
  • Hughes-Currie RB., Ivanovskikh KV., Wells JPR., Reid MF. and Meijerink A. (2020) Intrinsic electronic excitations and impurity luminescent centres in NaMgF3 and MgF2 doped with Yb2+. Optical Materials 99