Jon-Paul Wells

ProfessorJon-Paul Wells

West 204
Internal Phone: 95369


Research Interests

Research interests include ring lasers, interferometry and applications, optoelectronic materials, and free electron laser spectroscopy.

Recent Publications

  • Brown EP., Hu S., Wells J., Wang X. and Koh CA. (2018) Direct Measurements of Contact Angles on Cyclopentane Hydrates. Energy and Fuels 32(6): 6619-6626.
  • Brown E., Hu S., Wang S., Wells J., Koh C., Nakatsuka M. and Veedu V. (2017) Low-Adhesion coatings as a novel gas hydrate mitigation strategy. In Proceedings of the Annual Offshore Technology Conference 5: 3823-3832.
  • Horvath SP., Wells JPR., van der Meer AFG. and Reid MF. (2017) An infrared pump-probe measurement of the Sm3+ 6H7/2 lifetime in LiYF4. Optical Materials 66: 8-11.
  • Hughes-Currie RB., Ivanovskikh KV., Wells J-PR., Reid MF., Gordon RA., Seijo L. and Barandiarán Z. (2017) X-ray Excitation Triggers Ytterbium Anomalous Emission in CaF2:Yb but Not in SrF2:Yb.. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8(6): 1175-1178.
  • Hurst RB., Mayerbacher M., Gebauer A., Schreiber KU. and Wells JPR. (2017) High-accuracy absolute rotation rate measurements with a large ring laser gyro: Establishing the scale factor. Applied Optics 56: 1124-1130.