Jon-Paul Wells

ProfessorJon-Paul Wells

Beatrice Tinsley 419
Internal Phone: 95369


Research Interests

Research interests include ring lasers, interferometry and applications, optoelectronic materials, and free electron laser spectroscopy.

Recent Publications

  • Jobbitt NL., Wells JPR., Reid MF. and Longdell JJ. (2021) Raman heterodyne determination of the magnetic anisotropy for the ground and optically excited states of Y2SiO5 doped with Sm3+. Physical Review B 103(20)
  • Martin JLB., Solanki PS., Reid MF. and Wells JPR. (2021) The influence of magnetic anisotropy on the Zeeman spectra of lanthanide doped nanoparticles. Optical Materials: X 12
  • Mothkuri S., Reid MF., Wells JPR., Lafitte-Houssat E., Goldner P. and Ferrier A. (2021) Electron-nuclear interactions as a test of crystal field parameters for low-symmetry systems: Zeeman hyperfine spectroscopy of Ho3+-doped Y2 SiO5. Physical Review B 103(10)
  • Solanki PS., Balabhadra S., Reid MF., Golovko VB. and Wells JPR. (2021) Upconversion Thermometry Using Yb3+/Er3+Co-Doped KY3F10Nanoparticles. ACS Applied Nano Materials 4(6): 5696-5706.
  • Zou D., Thirkettle RJ., Gebauer A., MacDonald GK., Schreiber KU. and Wells JPR. (2021) Gyroscopic performance and some seismic measurements made with a 10 meter perimeter ring laser gyro housed in the Ernest Rutherford building. Applied Optics 60(6): 1737-1743.