John Thyne

John Thyne

Ernest Rutherford 263D
Internal Phone: 94102


B.A. (Cant.)


General responsibilities include...

  • GIS Computer workroom after hours access and software installation.
  • Content in GEOG and GISC class folders, and access to LEARN courses.
  • Geospatial lab creation, testing, and updates

Geographic Information Systems

Particular expertise includes...

and also...

  • Agisoft Metashape (50 seat concurrent license)
  • Harris ENVI remote sensing software (50 seat concurrent department license)
  • Trimble Pathfinder Office including Terrasync for mobile GPS (100 licenses)

Custodian for Geospatial Data, on the campus network, including...

  • Christchurch Lidar and NZ Kiwimage, both of which require specific permission to access.

Other responsibilities

Floor Warden for the north east end of Level 2 Ernest Rutherford