John Thyne

GIS Manager - Computer SupportJohn Thyne

Ernest Rutherford 263D
Internal Phone: 94102


B.A. (Cant.)


Esri ArcGIS expertise, and 'broker' for central IT services.

with responsibilities for...

  • Computer purchasing, tracking, and replacement.
  • Content in GEOG and GISC class folders, and access to LEARN courses.
  • Entries in Active Directory (AD) for the SEES Operating Unit (OU).
  • GIS Computer workroom software installation.
  • Software procurement, licensing, and installation.
  • Video conferencing: Use of Zoom in ER211/211A and mobile unit in ER 263B.

Geographic Information Systems

UC administrator for Esri ArcGIS...

  • UC ArcGIS site license
  • UC ArcGIS Online Organisation accounts, and Server/Enterprise
  • Home use licenses for ArcGIS Desktop v10.x (ArcMap) and 2.x (Pro)
  • eLearning access that requires 'maintenance'

Also involved with...

  • Agisoft Metashape (50 seat concurrent license)
  • Harris ENVI remote sensing software (50 seat concurrent department license)
  • Trimble Pathfinder Office including Terrasync for mobile GPS (100 licenses)
  • Trimble Business Office (10 seat concurrent license)

Custodian for geospatial data at \\file\bulk\geodata, including...

  • Christchurch Lidar and NZ Kiwimage which require specific permission to access.

Geospatial lab creation, testing, and updates


Other responsibilities

Floor Warden for the north east end of Level 2 of Ernest Rutherford