John Pirker

Senior LecturerJohn Pirker

Julius Von Haast Rm 236
Internal Phone: 95201


Research Interests

Research interests include marine ecology and aquaculture.

Recent Publications

  • Mackenzie K., Pirker J. and Reitsma F. (2020) Towards a spatiotemporal data model for traditional ecological knowledge/Indigenous knowledge. Cartographica 55(1): 29-41.
  • Schiel D., Alestra A., Orchard S., Dunmore R., Crossett D., Thomsen M. and Tait L. (2020) Legacies of the Kaikōura earthquake on the coastal marine ecosystem.. In Coastal News, Commissioned by New Zealand Coastal Society. 3-4.
  • Mohamed M., Gombay N. and Pirker J. (2019) Development and the Sacred: An Account of Reef Resource Management in the Maldives. Internatonal Journal of Social Research and Innovation 3(1) 1: 1-22.
  • Schiel DR., Alestra T., Gerrity S., Orchard S., Dunmore R., Pirker J., Lilley S., Tait L., Hickford M. and Thomsen M. (2019) The Kaikōura earthquake in southern New Zealand: Loss of connectivity of marine communities and the necessity of a cross-ecosystem perspective. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 29(9): 1520-1534.
  • Tait L., Bind J., Charan-Dixon H., Hawes I., Pirker J. and Schiel D. (2019) Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for monitoring macroalgal biodiversity: Comparison of RGB and multispectral imaging sensors for biodiversity assessments. Remote Sensing 11(19)