Jayne Newbury

LecturerJayne Newbury

Psychology 309
Internal Phone: 95798


Research Interests

I am interested in the relationship between cognitive processing, language acquisition and linguistic input, particularly for children with language disorders. I have been part of running a longitudinal study "Learning to Talk" which investigated early measures of working memory as predictors of later language outcomes for late talking and typically developing children. I have also developed and normed a standardized articulation test for school aged children and have researched how to best rate the severity of children with speech sound disorders. Currently I am investigating parent linguistic input for young children as a preventative measure for language delays.

Recent Publications

  • Newbury J. (2014) Early language variation and working memory: A longitudinal study of late talkers and typically developing children. PhD Thesis, Christchurch, New Zealand. University of Canterbury.
  • Newbury J., Bartoszewicz Poole A. and Theys C. (2020) Current practices of New Zealand speech language pathologists working with multilingual children. International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/17549507.2020.1712476.
  • Newbury J., Justice L., Jiang H. and Schmitt M. (2020) Cognitive, Non-Cognitive, and Environmental Correlates of Reading Difficulties in Primary-Grade Students with Language Impairment. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research.
  • Newbury JM. and Sutherland D. (2019) Measurement of child-directed speech: A survey of clinical practice. International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/17549507.2019.1650111.
  • Dampney A., Newbury JM. and McAuliffe M. (2018) Exploring early childhood educator beliefs and practices in emergent literacy: Does practice vary by the socioeconomic status of the children? New Zealand International Research in Early Childhood Education Journal 21(2): 1-18.