Professor James Shulmeister

Professor and Head of SchoolJamie Shulmeister

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 203
Internal Phone: 90069


Research Interests

Paleoclimatology of the South Western Pacific Basin focusing on high resolution Late Quaternary terrestrial records using sedimentology and micropaleontology. Glacial geology and geochronological investigations of the timing, extent and nature of Southern Hemisphere glaciations. Development of quantitative (and qualitative) paleoclimate proxies. Quaternary coastal evolution and sea-level changes especially on gravel dominated sedimentary systems.

Recent Publications

  • Burke B., Slee A., McIntosh PD., Hofmann H. and Shulmeister J. (2020) A reactivated cave system induces rapidly developing cover-collapse Sinkholes in Tasmania, Australia. Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 82(1): 31-50.
  • Chang J., Zhang E., Wang L., Liu E., Yang X. and Shulmeister J. (2020) A quantitative temperature reconstruction of the ‘Little Ice Age’ in southern China. Holocene 30(5): 709-720.
  • Ellerton D., Rittenour T., Shulmeister J., Gontz A., Welsh KJ. and Patton N. (2020) An 800 kyr record of dune emplacement in relationship to high sea level forcing, Cooloola Sand Mass, Queensland, Australia. Geomorphology 354
  • Gontz A., McCallum A., Ellerton D., Patton N. and Shulmeister J. (2020) The Teewah Transect: GPR-Derived Insights into the Younger Dune Morphosequences on the Great Sandy Coast, Queensland, Australia. Journal of Coastal Research 95(sp1): 500-504.
  • Jonell TN., Aitchison JC., Li G., Shulmeister J., Zhou R. and Zhang H. (2020) Revisiting growth and decline of late Quaternary mega-lakes across the south-central Tibetan Plateau. Quaternary Science Reviews 248