Professor James Shulmeister

Professor and Head of SchoolJamie Shulmeister

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 203
Internal Phone: 90069


Research Interests

Paleoclimatology of the South Western Pacific Basin focusing on high resolution Late Quaternary terrestrial records using sedimentology and micropaleontology. Glacial geology and geochronological investigations of the timing, extent and nature of Southern Hemisphere glaciations. Development of quantitative (and qualitative) paleoclimate proxies. Quaternary coastal evolution and sea-level changes especially on gravel dominated sedimentary systems.

Recent Publications

  • Florin SA., Roberts P., Marwick B., Patton NR., Shulmeister J., Lovelock CE., Barry LA., Hua Q., Nango M. and Djandjomerr D. (2021) Pandanus nutshell generates a palaeoprecipitation record for human occupation at Madjedbebe, northern Australia. Nature Ecology and Evolution 5(3): 295-303.
  • Hansson A., Dargusch P. and Shulmeister J. (2021) A review of modern treeline migration, the factors controlling it and the implications for carbon storage. Journal of Mountain Science 18(2): 291-306.
  • Knight J., Shulmeister J. and Petherick L. (2021) Introduction to the SHeMax thematic set and prospects for LGM research in the Southern Hemisphere. Quaternary Research (United States) 102: 1-4.
  • Köhler M., Shulmeister J., Patton NR., Rittenour TM., McSweeney S., Ellerton DT., Stout JC. and Hüneke H. (2021) Holocene evolution of a barrier-spit complex and the interaction of tidal and wave processes, Inskip Peninsula, SE Queensland, Australia. Holocene 31(9): 1476-1488.
  • Burke B., Slee A., McIntosh PD., Hofmann H. and Shulmeister J. (2020) A reactivated cave system induces rapidly developing cover-collapse Sinkholes in Tasmania, Australia. Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 82(1): 31-50.