Professor James Shulmeister

Professor and Head of SchoolJamie Shulmeister

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 203
Internal Phone: 90069


Research Interests

Paleoclimatology of the South Western Pacific Basin focusing on high resolution Late Quaternary terrestrial records using sedimentology and micropaleontology. Glacial geology and geochronological investigations of the timing, extent and nature of Southern Hemisphere glaciations. Development of quantitative (and qualitative) paleoclimate proxies. Quaternary coastal evolution and sea-level changes especially on gravel dominated sedimentary systems.

Recent Publications

  • Cowley D., Harris DL., Moss PT. and Shulmeister J. (2022) Beach narrowing on prograding coasts: Examples from the tropics to subtropics of eastern Australia. Geomorphology 401
  • Ellerton D., Rittenour TM., Shulmeister J., Roberts AP., Miot da Silva G., Gontz A., Hesp PA., Moss P., Patton N. and Santini T. (2022) Fraser Island (K'gari) and initiation of the Great Barrier Reef linked by Middle Pleistocene sea-level change. Nature Geoscience
  • Patil R., Wei Y., Pullar D. and Shulmeister J. (2022) Effects of change in streamflow patterns on water quality. Journal of Environmental Management 302
  • Patil R., Wei Y., Pullar D. and Shulmeister J. (2022) Sensitivity of streamflow patterns to river regulation and climate change and its implications for ecological and environmental management. Journal of Environmental Management 319
  • Patton NR., Shulmeister J., Ellerton D. and Seropian G. (2022) Measuring landscape evolution from inception to maturity: Insights from a coastal dune system. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 584