Ioannis Delikostidis

LecturerIoannis Delikostidis

Geography Staff Block Rm 502
Internal Phone: 94387


Research Interests

My research has been focusing on improving the usability of pedestrian navigation systems, developing context-sensitive means for interaction with geographic information and implementing sound methods and techniques to assess this interaction. For that purpose, I have evaluated current qualitative research methodologies for field-based usability testing of mobile (geo) applications and have implemented my own unique approach.
I have also done research on immersive virtual environments (IVEs) to accommodate user interactions with location-based systems inside the lab.

Recent Publications

  • Saputra A., Gomez C., Delikostidis I., Zawar-Reza P., Hadmoko DS., Sartohadi J. and Setiawan MA. (2018) Determining earthquake susceptible areas southeast of yogyakarta, Indonesia—outcrop analysis from structure from motion (SfM) and geographic information system (GIS). Geosciences (Switzerland) 8(4): 1-31.
  • Saputra A., Rahardianto T., Revindo MD., Delikostidis I., Hadmoko DS., Sartohadi J. and Gomez C. (2017) Seismic vulnerability assessment of residential buildings using logistic regression and geographic information system (GIS) in Pleret Sub District (Yogyakarta, Indonesia). Geoenvironmental Disasters 4(11): 1-33.
  • Delikostidis I., van Elzakker CPJM. and Kraak M-J. (2016) Overcoming challenges in developing more usable pedestrian navigation systems. Cartography and Geographic Information Science 43(3): 189-207.
  • Delikostidis I., Engel J., Retsios V., van Elzakker CPJM., Kraak MJ. and Döllner J. (2013) Increasing the Usability of Pedestrian Navigation Interfaces by means of Landmark Visibility Analysis. Journal of Navigation 66(4): 523-537.
  • Delikostidis I., Fechner T., Fritze H., AbdelMouty AM. and Kray C. (2013) Evaluating Mobile Applications in Virtual Environments: A Survey. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 5(4): 1-19.