Greg Russell

Associate ProfessorGreg Russell

Beatrice Tinsley 322
Internal Phone: 95129

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include fundamental aspects of the kinetics of free-radical and emulsion polymerisation, modelling of the kinetics of free-radical polymerisation, termination kinetics, use of living free-radical polymerisation to synthesise polymers, particle formation in emulsion polymerisation, synthesis and morphology of emulsion polymers, experimental investigations into the kinetics of emulsion polymerization, and critically evaluated rate parameters in free-radical polymerization.

Recent Publications

  • Hutchinson RA., Klumperman B., Russell GT. and Van Herk AM. (2021) The contributions of Prof. Kenneth F. O'Driscoll to radical copolymerization kinetics. Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
  • Luscombe CK. and Russell GT. (2021) Macromolecular Science Turns 100. Chemistry International 43(2): 4-9.
  • Abetz V., Chan CH., Luscombe CK., Matson JB., Merna J., Nakano T., Raos G. and Russell GT. (2020) Quo Vadis, Macromolecular Science? Reflections by the IUPAC Polymer Division on the Occasion of the Staudinger Centenary. Israel Journal of Chemistry 60(1-2): 9-19.
  • Seyedi A., Najafi M., Russell GT., Mohammadi Y., Vivaldo-Lima E. and Penlidis A. (2020) Initiator feeding policies in semi-batch free radical polymerization: A Monte Carlo study. Processes 8(10): 1-19.
  • Nikitin AN. and Russell GT. (2019) Determination of Propagation Rate Coefficients by SEC-PLP – The Final Word? Sunshine Coast, Australia: 37th Australasian Polymer Symposium, 10-13 Nov 2019.