Eckehard Brockerhoff

Eckehard Brockerhoff

Adjunct Associate Professor

Research Interests

I am a forest ecologist and entomologist specialising in the ecology, impacts and management of non-native and native forest insects and other taxa. I am also passionate about the biodiversity of insects, birds, and vascular plants, and relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. In recent years, much of my research has focused on bark beetles and other wood and bark-boring insects, groups that include many of the highest-impact invaders of forests world-wide. Another key research interest is the role of forest biodiversity in the biotic resistance to insect pests and invasive species as well as other ecosystem services. Finally, I am also studying effects of land cover and land use change on insects, birds and plants.

Recent Publications

  • Nahrung HF., Liebhold AM., Brockerhoff EG. and Rassati D. (2023) Forest Insect Biosecurity: Processes, Patterns, Predictions, Pitfalls.. Annu Rev Entomol 68: 211-229.
  • Barnagaud JY., Brockerhoff EG., Mossion R., Dufour P., Pavoine S., Deconchat M. and Barbaro L. (2022) Trait-habitat associations explain novel bird assemblages mixing native and alien species across New Zealand landscapes. Diversity and Distributions 28(1): 38-52.
  • Basile M., Krištín A., Mikusiński G., Thorn S., Żmihorski M., Pasinelli G. and Brockerhoff EG. (2022) Salvage Logging Strongly Affects Woodpecker Abundance and Reproduction: a Meta-analysis. Current Forestry Reports
  • Bedoya CL., Nelson XJ., Brockerhoff EG., Pawson S. and Hayes M. (2022) Experimental characterization and automatic identification of stridulatory sounds inside wood. Royal Society Open Science 9(7)
  • Branco S., Faccoli M., Brockerhoff EG., Roux G., Jactel H., Desneux N., Gachet E., Mouttet R., Streito JC. and Branco M. (2022) Preventing invasions of Asian longhorn beetle and citrus longhorn beetle: are we on the right track? Journal of Pest Science 95(1): 41-66.