Dean Sutherland

Academic Lead UC OnlineDean Sutherland

Associate Professor
Internal Phone: 95090


Research Interests

Research interests are:
- Augmentative and Alternative Communication Technology and Strategies
- Deaf and Hearing Impairment
- Autism Spectrum Disorders

Recent Publications

  • Sutherland DE. (2006) Phonological representations, phonological awareness, and print decoding ability in children with moderate to severe speech impairment. Christchurch, New Zealand. University of Canterbury.
  • Henderson-Faranda N., Newbury J. and Sutherland D. (2022) Using computer assisted instruction to improve reading comprehension of children on the autism spectrum: a pilot study. Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties.
  • Gibson E., Sutherland D. and Newbury J. (2020) New Zealand parents/caregivers’ knowledge and beliefs about child language development. Speech, Language and Hearing
  • McLay L., Sutherland D., Machalicek W. and Sigafoos J. (2020) Systematic Review of Telehealth Interventions for the Treatment of Sleep Problems in Children and Adolescents. Journal of Behavioral Education 29(2): 222-245.
  • Newbury JM. and Sutherland D. (2019) Measurement of child-directed speech: A survey of clinical practice. International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology