Christopher Gomez

Christopher Gomez

Senior Lecturer

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research deals with the chain of environmental-processes that act at the landscape scales, integrating hydrology, sediments, vegetation and human activities, with an emphasis on hazardous earth-processes.
- Up to present I have been working mainly on the tsunamis of Sumatra (2004), Java (2006) and Tohoku (2011); on the volcanoes Semeru, Merapi and Merbabu in Indonesia, and on the volcanoes Unzen-Fugendake, Towada and Numazawa in Japan. More recently, I have also started to develop a portfolio on tsunamis and floodplain/estuarine processes in the Canterbury area (New Zealand).
This apparently broad research scope aims at breaking free from the disciplines that we are educated in, in order to look into scientific questions from a different stand.

Recent Publications

  • Purdie H., Bealing P., Gomez C., Anderson B. and Marsh OJ. (2021) Morphological changes to the terminus of a maritime glacier during advance and retreat phases: Fox Glacier/Te Moeka o Tuawe, New Zealand. Geografiska Annaler, Series A: Physical Geography 103(2): 167-185.
  • Saputra A., Gomez C., Delikostidis I., Zawar-Reza P., Hadmoko DS. and Sartohadi J. (2021) Preliminary identification of earthquake triggered multi-hazard and risk in Pleret Sub-District (Yogyakarta, Indonesia). Geo-Spatial Information Science 24(2): 256-278.
  • de la Higuera I., Kasun GW., Torrance EL., Pratt AA., Maluenda A., Colombet J., Bisseux M., Ravet V., Dayaram A. and Stainton D. (2020) Unveiling crucivirus diversity by mining metagenomic data. mBio 11(5): 1-17.
  • Fitzgerald RH., Kennedy BM., Gomez C., Wilson TM., Simons B., Leonard GS., Matoza RS., Jolly AD. and Garaebiti E. (2020) Volcanic ballistic projectile deposition from a continuously erupting volcano: Yasur Volcano, Vanuatu. Volcanica 3(2): 183-204.
  • Lissak C., Bartsch A., De Michele M., Gomez C., Maquaire O., Raucoules D. and Roulland T. (2020) Remote Sensing for Assessing Landslides and Associated Hazards. Surveys in Geophysics 41(6): 1391-1435.