Christopher Burt

Christopher Burt

Internal Phone: 94431


Research Interests

Research interests include work place health/safety/stress, attitude scale construction, time management, Organizational Trust management, and employee recruitment.

Recent Publications

  • Burt C. (2021) Developing Safety Culture Through High Performance Work Systems. online: Talegent Webinar Series, 09 Mar 2021.
  • Burt C. (2020) Building Safety Culture Excellence Workshop. Christchurch, New Zealand: Clearwater Construction Safety Development Programme, 27 Jan 2020.
  • Burt C. (2020) Developing an Excellent Safety Culture. Auckland: The Future of Health and Safety: Leadership, Culture and Innovation, 2020 National Health & Safety Leaders' Summit, 15 Sep 2020.
  • Burt C. (2019) TSSI: Building safety culture excellence through capability development. Christchurch, New Zealand: NZ Psychological Society & Institute of Organisational Psychology Workshop series, 20 Sep 2019.
  • Burt C. and Hunt J. (2019) A predictive criterion-related validation study of a short version of the Hazard Awareness Test. Brussels: 15th European Conference on Psychological Assessment, 7-10 Jul 2019.