Lauralee Mather

Christine Wyles

Clinical Educator in Speech-Language Pathology
CMDS Unit 6 Room 163
Internal Phone: 94633


Research Interests

Recent Publications

  •  Howe, T., Rotherham, A., Tillard, G. and Wyles, C. (2011) Group treatment for people with aphasia: A review of the benefits according to the ICF framework. ACQuiring Knowledge in Speech, Language and Hearing 13(1): 2-6.
  • Sheehan, D., Ormond, T., Wyles, C. (2013) Collaborative practice and interprofessional education and workplace learning. In J Higgs et al.(Eds) Realising Exemplary Practice-Based Education: 223-230. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers
  • Wilkinson, T., Thomas (Bird), K., MacGregor, S., Tillard, G., Wyles, C., and Sainsbury, R. (2002). Tolerance of early diet textures as indicators of recovery from dysphagia after stroke. Dysphagia, 17 (3), 227-232