Catherine Reid

Associate ProfessorCatherine Reid

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 216
Internal Phone: 94438

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

There are three main strands to my research
1) Carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis, relationships of authigenic minerals to oceanography and biogenic activity, and the resource potential of New Zealand glauconite minerals. New Zealand geological development in the Cenozoic through carbonate sedimentology, palaeography and sequence stratigraphy.
2) The response of estuarine environments to coseismic events and the potential record of palaeoseismic activity in estuarine sediments, and their record of human influence and pollutants.
3) The palaeoecology and biogeography of Permian biotas of New Zealand and Australia, and the response of these faunas to the end of the Late Palaeoizoic Ice Age. Systematics and palaeoenvironmental applications of late Palaeozoic bryozoans of Australia and New Zealand. Growth in Palaeozoic bryozoans and their response to variation in water temperature and alkalinity.

Recent Publications

  • Reid C., Begg J., Mouslopoulou V., Oncken O., Nicol A. and Kufner S-K. (2020) Using a calibrated upper living position of marine biota to calculate coseismic uplift: a case study of the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake, New Zealand.. Earth Surface Dynamics 8(2): 351-366.
  • Wyse Jackson PN., Key MM. and Reid C. (2020) Bryozoan Skeletal Index (BSI): a measure of the degree of calcification in stenolaemate bryozoans. In Wyse Jackson PN; Zágoršek K (Ed.), Bryozoan studies 2019 - Proceedings of the eighteenth International Bryozoology Association Conference Liberec – Czech Republic, 16th to 21st June 2019: 103-206.Czech Geological Survey, Prague.
  • Oze C., Smaill J., Reid C. and Palin M. (2019) Potassium and Metal Release Related to Glaucony Dissolution in Soils. Soil Systems 3(4): 70-70.
  • Schmidt R; Reid C; Gordon DP; Walker-Smith G; Percival IG (Ed.) (2019) Bryozoan Studies 2016. Australasian Palaeontological Memoir (10-15 April 2016, Melbourne, Australia ed.) 178.
  • Reid C. (2018) Fossil bryozoans of Australia. Section A - Palaeozoic Era. In Cook PL; Bock PE; Gordon DP; Weaver HJ (Ed.), Australian Bryozoa Volume 1 Biology, Ecology and Natural History: 163-164. Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing.