Bill Davison

Emeritus ProfessorBill Davison

Fish Physiology
Julius von Haast 228
Internal Phone: 95170


Research Interests

Research interest is the biology of fish: exercise physiology; muscle anatomy and physiology, temperature physiology, temperature effects; salmon biology. Other interests include Antarctic biology.

Recent Publications

  • Flikac T., Cook DG. and Davison W. (2020) The effect of temperature and meal size on the aerobic scope and specific dynamic action of two temperate New Zealand finfish Chrysophrys auratus and Aldrichetta forsteri. Journal of Comparative Physiology B: Biochemical, Systemic, and Environmental Physiology 190(2): 169-183.
  • Flikac T., Cook DG., Davison W. and Jerrett A. (2020) Seasonal growth dynamics and maximum potential growth rates of Australasian snapper (Chrysophrys auratus) and yellow-eyed mullet (Aldrichetta forsteri). Aquaculture Reports 17
  • Goodrich HR., Bayley M., Birgersson L., Davison WG., Johannsson OE., Kim AB., Le My P., Tinh TH., Thanh PN. and Thanh HDT. (2020) Understanding the gastrointestinal physiology and responses to feeding in air-breathing Anabantiform fishes. Journal of Fish Biology 96(4): 986-1003.
  • Cook D., Middlemiss K., Jaksons P., Davison W. and Jerrett A. (2019) Validation of fish length estimations from a high frequency multi-beam sonar (ARIS)and its utilisation as a field-based measurement technique. Fisheries Research 218: 59-68.
  • Middlemiss KL., Cook DG. and Davison W. (2019) When close neighbours become good friends: plasticity of behavioural traits in sympatric fishes that form mono- and mixed-species groups. Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology 52(1): 17-36.