Bill Davison

ProfessorBill Davison

Fish Physiology
Julius von Haast 228
Internal Phone: 95170


Research Interests

Research interest is the biology of fish: exercise physiology; muscle anatomy and physiology, temperature physiology, temperature effects; salmon biology. Other interests include Antarctic biology.

Recent Publications

  • Cook D., Middlemiss K., Jaksons P., Davison W. and Jerrett A. (2019) Validation of fish length estimations from a high frequency multi-beam sonar (ARIS)and its utilisation as a field-based measurement technique. Fisheries Research 218: 59-68.
  • Middlemiss KL., Cook DG. and Davison W. (2019) When close neighbours become good friends: plasticity of behavioural traits in sympatric fishes that form mono- and mixed-species groups. Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology 52(1): 17-36.
  • Gordon TAC., Harding HR., Clever FK., Davidson IK., Davison W., Montgomery DW., Weatherhead RC., Windsor FM., Armstrong JD. and Bardonnet A. (2018) Fishes in a changing world: learning from the past to promote sustainability of fish populations. Journal of Fish Biology 92(3): 804-827.
  • Middlemiss KL., Cook DG., Jaksons P., Jerrett AR. and Davison W. (2018) Lateralisation of visual function in yellow-eyed mullet (Aldrichetta forsteri) and its role in schooling behaviour. Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology 51(1): 15-29.
  • Middlemiss KL., Cook DG., Jerrett AR. and Davison W. (2018) Effects of group size on school structure and behaviour in yellow‐eyed mullet Aldrichetta forsteri. Journal of Fish Biology 92(5): 1255-1272.