Anna McLeod

Anna McLeod

Internal Phone: 93041

Research Interests

With large data sets from the largest telescopes in the world, such as the Very Large Telescope in Chile, I study the effect that the most massive stars we know of have on their environment. These stars, which have masses 8 times and above that of our Sun, shape the material within the regions they form in, they contribute to the formation of new generations of stars, and they regulate the evolution of entire galaxies. By comparing a large number of observations of "feedback in action" to each other and to simulations, it is possible to determine how feedback from massive stars depends on a range of characteristics, such as the location of the stars within the galaxy, the number of massive stars driving the feedback, or even the chemical composition of the star-forming regions.

Recent Publications

  • Lin Y., Liu HB., Li D., Zhang ZY., Ginsburg A., Pineda JE., Qian L., Galvï n-Madrid R., McLeod AF. and Rosolowsky E. (2016) CLOUD STRUCTURE of GALACTIC OB CLUSTER-FORMING REGIONS from COMBINING GROUND- and SPACE-BASED BOLOMETRIC OBSERVATIONS. Astrophysical Journal 828(1)
  • Mc Leod AF., Weilbacher PM., Ginsburg A., Dale JE., Ramsay S. and Testi L. (2016) A nebular analysis of the central Orion nebula with MUSE. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 455(4): 4057-4086.
  • McLeod AF., Gritschneder M., Dale JE., Ginsburg A., Klaassen PD., Mottram JC., Preibisch T., Ramsay S., Reiter M. and Testi L. (2016) Connecting the dots: A correlation between ionizing radiation and cloud mass-loss rate traced by optical integral field spectroscopy. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 462(4): 3537-3569.
  • McLeod AF., Dale JE., Ginsburg A., Ercolano B., Gritschneder M., Ramsay S. and Testi L. (2015) The Pillars of Creation revisited with MUSE: Gas kinematics and high-mass stellar feedback traced by optical spectroscopy. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 450(1): 1057-1076.
  • Weilbacher PM., Monreal-Ibero A., Kollatschny W., Ginsburg A., McLeod AF., Kamann S., Sandin C., Palsa R., Wisotzki L. and Bacon R. (2015) A MUSE map of the central Orion Nebula (M 42). Astronomy and Astrophysics 582 A114: 16.