Angela Curl

LecturerAngela Curl

Geography Staff Blk Rm 504
Internal Phone: 94104
I am interested in perceptions and experiences of transport and mobility and how these intersect with the built environment to influence health

Research Interests

I am interested in the relationships between transport and health, in particular how the built environment influences , active travel behaviour, health and wellbeing. This includes how we measures the built environment and the relationship between objective measures and perceptions.

My research interests also include social & distributional impacts of transport; social inclusion and transport deprivation; sustainable travel, travel behaviour, walking & cycling.

My PhD focussed on objective and subjective measures of accessibility measures and accessibility planning policy.

I use both quantitative and qualitative social research methodologies and have used a variety of approaches in my work including household surveys, mental mapping, GPS recorded walk-along interviews and focus groups.

Recent Publications