Angela Curl

Angela Curl

Geography Staff Blk Rm 504
Internal Phone: 94104
I am interested in perceptions and experiences of transport and mobility and how these intersect with the built environment to influence health

Research Interests

I am interested in the relationships between transport and health, in particular how the built environment influences , active travel behaviour, health and wellbeing. This includes how we measures the built environment and the relationship between objective measures and perceptions.

My research interests also include social & distributional impacts of transport; social inclusion and transport deprivation; sustainable travel, travel behaviour, walking & cycling.

My PhD focussed on objective and subjective measures of accessibility measures and accessibility planning policy.

I use both quantitative and qualitative social research methodologies and have used a variety of approaches in my work including household surveys, mental mapping, GPS recorded walk-along interviews and focus groups.

Recent Publications

  • Curl A. and Fitt H. (2019) Will driverless cars be good for us? Now is the time for public health to act together with urban and transport planning. Journal of Global Health 9(2)
  • Macleod MA., Curl A. and Kearns A. (2019) Understanding the Prevalence and Drivers of Food Bank Use: Evidence from Deprived Communities in Glasgow. Social Policy and Society 18(1): 67-86.
  • van der Vlugt A-L., Curl A. and Wittowsky D. (2019) What about the people? Developing measures of perceived accessibility from case studies in Germany and the UK. Applied Mobilities 4(2): 142-162.
  • Curl A. (2018) The importance of understanding perceptions of accessibility when addressing transport equity: A case study in Greater Nottingham, UK. Journal of Transport and Land Use 11(1): 1147-1162.
  • Curl A. and Mason P. (2018) Neighbourhood perceptions and older adults’ wellbeing: does walking explain the relationship in deprived urban communities? Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice