Andy Vonasch (cropped)

LecturerAndy Vonasch

Psychology 209a
Internal Phone: 90726


Research Interests

My research applies experimental and other psychological methods to address philosophical topics pertaining to human agency, rationality, and morality. My main interest currently is moral rationality: the idea that being rational requires moral character. People survive via cooperation, so they need to 1) demonstrate to others that they are good partners by being moral and 2) be vigilant in ensuring that others are moral. A related interest is moral diversity: people have diverse ideas about right and wrong. Why?
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Recent Publications

  • Goya-Tocchetto D., Kay AC., Vuletich H., Vonasch A. and Payne K. (2022) The partisan trade-off bias: When political polarization meets policy trade-offs. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 98
  • Allan DD., Vonasch AJ. and Bartneck C. (2021) The Doors of Social Robot Perception: The Influence of Implicit Self-theories. International Journal of Social Robotics
  • Rowe SJ., Vonasch AJ. and Turp MJ. (2021) Unjustifiably Irresponsible: The Effects of Social Roles on Attributions of Intent. Social Psychological and Personality Science 12(8): 1446-1456.
  • Taylor M., Maranges HM., Chen SK. and Vonasch AJ. (2021) Direct and indirect freedom in addiction: Folk free will and blame judgments are sensitive to the choice history of drug users. Consciousness and Cognition 94
  • Vonasch AJ. and Sjåstad H. (2021) Future-Orientation (as Trait and State) Promotes Reputation-Protective Choice in Moral Dilemmas. Social Psychological and Personality Science 12(3): 383-391.