Andrew Sturman

Andrew Sturman

Geography 505
Internal Phone: 94130

Qualifications, Memberships & Awards

Research Interests

Atmospheric processes and phenomena of a range of spatial and temporal scales, particularly synoptic and sub-synoptic scale meteorology and climatology. A key research focus is investigation of the effects of the Earth’s surface on the atmosphere near the ground and applications to human activity.

Specific recent topics include: wind and storm hazards (legal insurance work); the modelling and measurement of air pollution and dust dispersion; meteorological and climatological applications in agriculture, such as frost protection and the selection of sites for vineyard development; evaluating wind energy potential in regions of complex terrain and short term prediction of wind energy generation; and investigation of the processes controlling the thermal environment of coral reefs.

Recent Publications

  • Khan B., Abualnaja Y., Al-Subhi AM., Nellayaputhenpeedika M., Nellikkattu Thody M. and Sturman AP. (2018) Climatology of sea breezes along the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia. International Journal of Climatology 38(9): 3633-3650.
  • Le Roux R., Katurji M., Zawar-Reza P., Quénol H. and Sturman A. (2018) Comparison of statistical and dynamical downscaling results from the WRF model. Environmental Modelling and Software 100: 67-73.
  • Quénol H., De Cortazar Atauri IG., Bois B., Sturman A., Bonnardot V., Le Roux R. and Ollat N. (2017) Which climatic modeling to assess climate change impacts on vineyards? Journal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin 51(2): 91-97.
  • Soltanzadeh I., Bonnardot V., Sturman A., Quénol H. and Zawar-Reza P. (2017) Assessment of the ARW-WRF model over complex terrain: the case of the Stellenbosch Wine of Origin district of South Africa. Theoretical and Applied Climatology 129(3-4): 1407-1427.
  • Sturman A., Zawar-Reza P., Soltanzadeh I., Katurji M., Bonnardot V., Parker AK., Trought MCT., Quénol H., Le Roux R. and Gendig E. (2017) The application of high-resolution atmospheric modelling to weather and climate variability in vineyard regions. Journal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin 51(2): 99-105.