Amy Osborne

LecturerDr Amy Osborne

Internal Phone: 92532


Research Interests

Environmental epigenetics, DNA methylation, genome regulation, developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD).

Recent Publications

  • Noble A., Pearson J., Boden J., Gemmell N., Kennedy M. and Osborne A. (2020) A validation of Illumina EPIC array system with bisulfite-based amplicon sequencing. bioRxiv
  • Noble A., Pearson J., Noble A., Boden J., Horwood J., Kennedy M. and Osborne A. (2020) Epigenetic signatures associated with the observed link between maternal tobacco use during pregnancy, and offspring conduct problems in childhood and adolescence. bioRxiv
  • Osborne AJ., Pearson JF., Noble AJ., Gemmell NJ., Horwood LJ., Boden JM., Benton MC., Macartney-Coxson DP. and Kennedy MA. (2020) Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis of heavy cannabis exposure in a New Zealand longitudinal cohort. Translational Psychiatry 10(1)
  • Stoffel MA., Humble E., Paijmans AJ., Acevedo-Whitehouse K., Chilvers BL., Dickerson B., Galimberti F., Gemmell NJ., Goldsworthy SD. and Nichols HJ. (2018) Demographic histories and genetic diversity across pinnipeds are shaped by human exploitation, ecology and life-history. Nature Communications 9(4836)
  • Collins CJ., Chilvers BL., Osborne A., Taylor M. and Robertson BC. (2017) Unique and isolated: population structure has implications for management of the endangered New Zealand sea lion. Conservation Genetics 18(5): 1177-1189.