Alex Nichols

Senior LecturerAlex Nichols

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 214
Internal Phone: 94410
Understanding volatile behaviour from the source regions of magma deep in the Earth to eruptions at the surface.

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research encompasses igneous petrology, geochemistry and volcanology. I specialise in the use of in-situ micro-analytical techniques to measure the compositions of volcanic rocks, glass, minerals and inclusions of melt trapped inside minerals. I am particularly interested in quantifying volatiles to understand mantle volatile cycles and the role volatiles play in magmatic processes, from mantle melting through to eruption. I work with samples from a variety of tectonic settings ranging from basalt to rhyolite in composition. Samples are often collected from volcanoes that erupted under water or ice so that they retain magmatic volatiles. I am involved in the international scientific ocean drilling programme, having participated in two expeditions.

Recent Publications

  • Bouvier AS., Rose-Koga EF., Nichols ARL. and Le Lay C. (2022) Melt inclusion formation during olivine recrystallization: Evidence from stable isotopes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 592
  • Collins N., Rowe MC., Kilgour G., Nichols ARL., Schipper CI., Tari D. and Garaebiti E. (2022) A Petrologic Insight into Transitioning Eruption Styles from the Devil's Rock Region, Ambae, Vanuatu. Journal of Petrology 63(7): 517-529.
  • McIntosh IM., Tani K., Nichols ARL., Chang Q. and Kimura JI. (2022) Past eruptions of a newly discovered active, shallow, silicic submarine volcano near Tokyo Bay, Japan. Geology 50(10): 1111-1115.
  • Qian S., Salters V., McCoy-West AJ., Wu J., Rose-Koga EF., Nichols ARL., Zhang L. and Zhou H. (2022) Highly heterogeneous mantle caused by recycling of oceanic lithosphere from the mantle transition zone. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 593
  • Seropian G., Kennedy BM., Kendrick JE., Lavallée Y., Nichols ARL., von Aulock FW., Dingwell DB., Hess KU., Lamur A. and Schauroth J. (2022) Vesiculation of Rhyolitic Melts Under Oscillatory Pressure. Frontiers in Earth Science 10