Adrian McDonald

Director of Gateway Antarctica
Beatrice Tinsley 320
Internal Phone: 92064

Aimee Leigh Claassens

Outreach and Events Coordinator
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 113
Internal Phone: 90652

Alan Woods

Technical Officer
Electrical and Electronics
Julius von Haast 132
Internal Phone: 95223

Alex Nichols

Senior Lecturer
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 214
Internal Phone: 94410

Alex Weathersby

Clinical Educator in Speech-Language Pathology
Psychology 307
Internal Phone: 94978

Alison Downard

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Beatrice Tinsley 426
Internal Phone: 94228

Alistair Jerrett

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Amanda Inglis

Research and Instrument Technician
Internal Phone: 90436

Amber Pearson

Adjunct Staff

Dr Amy Osborne

Senior Lecturer
Internal Phone: 92532

Andrew Abell

Adjunct Professor

Andrew Atkin

Andrew Frost

Senior Lecturer
Room 315, Psychology - Sociology Building
Internal Phone: 8449

Andrew Letten

Internal Phone: 92902

Andrew Muscroft-Taylor

Team Leader, Principal Research Scientist
Julius von Haast 626
Internal Phone: 95197

Andrew Sturman

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 301

Andy Vonasch

Psychology 209a
Internal Phone: 90726

Andy Nicol

Structural Geology
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 217
Internal Phone: 94436

Angela Curl

Geography Staff Blk Rm 504
Internal Phone: 94104

Angela Van Diepen

Julius von Haast 215
Internal Phone: 92103

Angus McIntosh

Freshwater Ecology
Julius von Haast 226
Internal Phone: 95186

Ann Brower

Associate Professor
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 317
Internal Phone: 93027

Ann Huggett

Clinical Educator
Psychology 206A
Internal Phone: 94289

Ann Huggett

Clinical Educator
Psychology 206A
Internal Phone: 94289

Anna Chapman

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 114
Internal Phone: 94117

Anna Wiltshire

School Administrator
Psychology 227
Internal Phone: 94340

Anna McLeod

Internal Phone: 93041

Anne-Marie Brady

Library Liason
Logie Building 608a
Internal Phone: 95377

Anne-Marie Davey

Management Accountant
Financial Manager
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 117
Internal Phone: 94137

Anthony Butler

West 414
Internal Phone: 92078

Anthony McLean

Psychology 507
Internal Phone: 94389

Antonia Miller

Senior Research Scientist
Business Development Manager
Julius von Haast2 616
Internal Phone: 95195

Antonio Herrera Martin

Astronomy Post Doctoral Fellow with Michael Albrow's group
Internal Phone: 90419

Antony Fairbanks

Beatrice Tinsley 324
Internal Phone: 95217

Anya Armstrong

Psychology 523
Internal Phone: 94359

Ashley Garrill

Associate Professor
Julius von Haast 634
Internal Phone: 95173

Audrey McKinlay

Adjunct Professor
Psychology 207

Aynsley Macnab

Research Assistant Spider Lab
Internal Phone: 94741

Bart Kempenaers

Visting Fellow

Ben Kennedy

Physical Volcanology
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 213
Internal Phone: 94437

Ben James McGinlay

Internal Phone: 94369

Bengu Korkut Yalcin

Student Advisor
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 116
Internal Phone: 93858

Bill Davison

Fish Physiology
Julius von Haast 228
Internal Phone: 95170

Bill Swallow

Adjunct Professor

Bob Bennett

Physics 820
Phone: +643367588
Internal Phone: 7588

Brett Robinson

Beatrice Tinsley 319
Internal Phone: 92587

Brian Butterfield

Emeritus Professor
Forest Biotechnology
Internal Phone: 95139

Brian Haig

Emeritus Professor
Psychology 203

Bridget Ginley

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 202
Internal Phone: 94087

Brigitta Kurenbach

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Julius von Haast 536
Internal Phone: 95183

Briony Gordon

Administrative Assistant
Internal Phone: 91141

Bronwyn Hayward

Elsie Locke Building 609
Internal Phone: 95114

Bryce Williamson

Dean of Postgraduate Research
Matariki 504
Internal Phone: 94238

Carol Stewart

GNS Science/Massey University

Carolin Ritter

Clinical Educator
Psychology 206d
Internal Phone: 90883

Catherine Adamson

Office Administrator
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 113
Internal Phone: 91136

Catherine Moran

Tumu Tuarua Akoranga
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic
Matariki L6
Internal Phone: 94168

Catherine Reid

Associate Professor
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 216
Internal Phone: 94438

Catherine Theys

Senior Lecturer
MSLP Programme Director & Year 1 Coordinator
Psychology 324
Internal Phone: 94516

Cathy Higgins

Engineering Geology
Ernest Rutherford 109
Internal Phone: 95023

Charmain Moyle

Clinical Educator in Speech-Language Pathology
Psychology 311
Internal Phone: 95593

Charmaine Atherfold

College Operations and Projects Manager
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 118
Internal Phone: 94148

Chris Glover

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Chris Gordon

Senior Lecturer
Postgraduate Co-ordinator (Physics)
Beatrice Tinsley 413
Internal Phone: 95156

Chris Grimshaw

Sedimentology & Palaeontology
Health & Safety Representative
Ernest Rutherford 264
Internal Phone: 92054

Christine Wyles

Clinical Educator in Speech-Language Pathology
CMDS Unit 6 Room 163
Internal Phone: 94633

Christopher Burt

Associate Professor
Psychology 424
Internal Phone: 94431

Christopher Fitchett

Associate Professor
Beatrice Tinsley 424
Internal Phone: 95344

Christopher Gomez

Senior Lecturer
Geography Staff Block Rm 403
Phone: +643367913
Internal Phone: 7913

Claire Galilee

Technical Officer
Molecular Genetics, DNA sequencer
Julius von Haast 517
Internal Phone: 95149

Clark Fenton

Senior Lecturer
Engineering Geology
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 220
Internal Phone: 94439

Claudia Meisrimler

Clifford Franklin

Teaching Lab Manager
Ernest Rutherford 322
Internal Phone: 95346

Clive Howard-Williams

Adjunct Professor

Colm Healy

Post Doctoral Fellow (Chemistry)
Internal Phone: 90159

Craig Galilee

Julius von Haast 417
Internal Phone: 95150

William Tennant

Craig van Dolleweerd

Research Scientist
Internal Phone: 95210

Daniel Blake

Post Doctoral Fellow
Resilience to Nature’s Challenges / QuakeCoRE

Daniel Foley

Chemistry Lecturer
Chemistry, Biochemistry and Environmental Sciences Postgraduate Coordinator
Beatrice Tinsley 323
Internal Phone: 90479

Daniel Ignatius Leonard

West 127
Internal Phone: 95902

Daniel Price

Post Doctoral Researcher
Julius von Haast Level 7
Internal Phone: 92297

Daniel Stouffer

Associate Professor
Complex Systems Ecology
Julius von Haast 518
Internal Phone: 92880

Daniela Liggett

Associate Professor
Julius von Haast Rm 720
Internal Phone: 92170

Daniela Remus

Internal Phone: 92298

Darren Gravley

Associate Professor
Volcanology and Geothermal Systems
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 211
Internal Phone: 94489

Darren Walton

Adjunct Associate Professor

Dave Kelly

Julius von Haast 339
Internal Phone: 95182

David Bell

Senior Lecturer
Engineering & Mining Geology
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 221
Internal Phone: 94490

David Collings

Adjunct Senior Fellow
Julius von Haast 635
Internal Phone: 4662

David Conder

Glasshouse Complex Manager
Glasshouses, Vehicles
von Haast Glasshouse
Internal Phone: 95141

David Conradson

Academic Dean of Science
Associate Professor of Human Geography
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 115
Internal Phone: 94103

David Leung

Associate Professor
Julius von Haast 632
Internal Phone: 95184

David Norton

School of Forestry Rm233
Internal Phone: 95955

David Schiel

Distinguished Professor
Marine Ecology
Julius von Haast 245
Internal Phone: 95205

David Wardle

Adjunct Professor

David Wiltshire

Professor of Theoretical Physics
300-level Physics Co-ordinator
Beatrice Tinsley 415
Internal Phone: 95128

Dean Sutherland

Associate Professor
Psychology 302
Internal Phone: 95090

Deborah Crittenden

Associate Professor
Director of the Biochemistry Programme
Beatrice Tinsley 326
Internal Phone: 95087

Debra Wotton

Adjunct Fellow

Deirdre Hart

Associate Professor
Coastal Science, Physical Geography
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 224
Internal Phone: 94062

Della Bennet

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 207
Internal Phone: 94740

Diane Caddick

Academic Administrator - Chemistry (Part-time)
Beatrice Tinsley 405
Internal Phone: 94326

Dion Thompson

Research Scientist
Julius von Haast2 616
Internal Phone: 95207

Don Stein

Adjunct Professor
Brain Research Lab, Emory University

Dorien Coray

Cell Biology and Microbiology
Biological Science 535

Eckehard Brockerhoff

Adjunct Associate Professor

Ed Challies

Senior Lecturer
Julius von Haast Level 7 Rm734
Internal Phone: 92545

Eileen Britt

Associate Professor
Director of the Clinical Psychology Programme
Psychology 515
Internal Phone: 93694

Elisabeth Bowman

Elissa Cameron

Animal Behaviour
Julius von Haast Rm 234
Internal Phone: 95596

Ellen Nijhof

Clinical Educator in Speech-Language Pathology
Psychology 306
Internal Phone: 94643

Emily Parker

Adjunct Professors

Eric Pawson

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 301
Internal Phone: 94063

Esme Robinson

Fish Physiology
von Haast 439
Internal Phone: 95203

Ewald Neumann

Associate Professor
200-Level Co-ordinator
Psychology 411
Internal Phone: 95604

Fiona Bellett

Administrator - Rose Centre
Internal Phone: 91326

Fiona Cross

Animal Cognition
Internal Phone: 95142

Garth Cant

Adjunct staff
Internal Phone: 94076

Gary Steel

Adjunct Senior Fellow
Senior Lecturer, Lincoln University

Gerard Mesman

Senior Programmer Analyst
Psychology 514
Internal Phone: 94339

Gill Ellis

Purchasing and Stores Technician
West 144A
Internal Phone: 94231

Gina Tillard

Director of Clinical Education
Psychology/Sociology Building, Level 3, Room 307
Internal Phone: 92051

Graeme MacDonald

Specialist Electronic Technician
West 209
Internal Phone: 95381

Graeme Plank

Specialist Teaching and Research Technician
Ernest Rutherford 322
Internal Phone: 95357

Graham Hill

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Grahame Fraser

West 809
Phone: +643367584
Internal Phone: 7584

Grant Pearce

Senior Lecturer
Julius von Haast 624
Internal Phone: 95199

Greg Browne

Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences

Greg O'Beirne

Psychology 321
Internal Phone: 94313

Greg Russell

Associate Professor
Beatrice Tinsley 322
Internal Phone: 95129

Gregory Breetzke

Adjunct Staff

Harvey Perkins

Adjunct Staff

Hayley Devlin

Freshwater Ecology
Internal Phone: 95144

Hazel Chapman

Associate Professor
Evolutionary Ecology
Julius von Haast 335
Internal Phone: 95140

Heather Purdie

Senior Lecturer
Glaciology, Physical Geography
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 225
Internal Phone: 94131

Helen Warburton

Research Associate - Coach Stream
Freshwater Ecology
Julius von Haast Rm 331
Internal Phone: 95212

Henry Li

PharmaMar Fellow
Internal Phone: 92141

Ian Dickie

Microbial Ecology
Internal Phone: 92268

Ian Shaw

Beatrice Tinsley 327
Internal Phone: 94302

Ioannis Delikostidis

Senior Lecturer
Geographic Information Science
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 314
Internal Phone: 94387

Islay Marsden

Marine Biology
Julius von Haast 232
Internal Phone: 95185

Jack Baggaley

Level 4 Beatrice Tinsley Building
Internal Phone: 95923

Jack Heinemann

Julius von Haast 534
Internal Phone: 95597

Jacki Henderson

Senior Lecturer
Psychology 430
Internal Phone: 94358

Jackie Healy

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Suite
Julius von Haast 637
Internal Phone: 95176

Jacquie Macdonald

Communication Disorders Unit 5 Room 155
Internal Phone: 94355

James Murphy

Visiting Erskine Fellow

James Pope

Verum Group

Jamie Pearce

Adjunct Staff

Jan McKenzie

Technical Officer
Marine Ecology, Microscopy, 2nd Floor Lab Manager (Marine)
Julius von Haast 231
Internal Phone: 95187

Jan Wikaira

Senior Lecturer
Beatrice Tinsley 423
Internal Phone: 94294

Janet Carter

Psychology 510
Internal Phone: 94210

Janet Cumberpatch

Julius von Haast Rm 417
Internal Phone: 94292

Janet Warburton

Administrative Assistant
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 205
Internal Phone: 94383

Jarg Pettinga

Structural Geology and Active Tectonics
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 218
Internal Phone: 94491

Jason Tylianakis

Terrestrial Ecology
Julius von Haast 330
Internal Phone: 95379

Jayne Newbury

Senior Lecturer
Psychology 309
Internal Phone: 95798

Jenni Adams

Associate Professor
Seminar Co-ordinator for Physics and Astronomy
Beatrice Tinsley 412
Internal Phone: 95989

Jennifer Brown

Jack Erskine 622
Internal Phone: 95892

Jennifer Crowther

Postdoctoral Fellow in Biochemistry
Biological Science Rm 615
Internal Phone: 95266

Jennifer Wong

Research Associate
Psychology 208
Internal Phone: 90565

Jenny Webster-Brown

Julius von Haast 730
Internal Phone: 95837

Jeremy Hornibrook


Jim Briskie

Behavioural Ecology
Julius von Haast 435
Internal Phone: 95138

Jim Cole

Volcanology & Volcanic Hazards
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 301

Joana R C Kuntz

Associate Professor
Director of Applied Psychology
Psychology 469
Internal Phone: 94397

Jodie Johnston

Senior Lecturer
Beatrice Tinsley 325
Internal Phone: 93044

Johanna Katariina Yletyinen

Natural Resource Management
Internal Phone: 95367

John Berrill

Adjunct Associate Professor

John Church

Adjunct Senior Fellow

John Clemens

Adjunct Associate Professor

John Dalrymple-Alford

Psychology 204
Internal Phone: 92077

John Davis

Technical Officer
Network Administrator
Ernest Rutherford 322
Internal Phone: 94080

John Lovis

Emeritus Professor

John Pirker

Senior Lecturer
Julius Von Haast Rm 236
Internal Phone: 95201

John Southward

Electronics & Computing
Ernest Rutherford 263A
Internal Phone: 94364

John Thyne

GIS Manager - Computer Support
Ernest Rutherford 263D
Internal Phone: 94102

Jonathan Wiltshire

Programmer Analyst
Psychology 512
Internal Phone: 94338

Jon-Paul Wells

Beatrice Tinsley 419
Internal Phone: 95369

Jon Harding

Stream Biology
Biology 333
Internal Phone: 95135

Jonathan Hill

Animal Physiology
Julius von Haast 231
Internal Phone: 95178

Jonathan Tonkin

Senior Lecturer and Rutherford Discovery Fellow
Population and Community Ecology
Internal Phone: 90413

Jonathon Morris

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Jonny Grady

Clinical Educator in Audiology
Psychology 347
Internal Phone: 94312

Josephine Ward

Research Associate
Plant Taxonomy and Evolution

Joshu Mountjoy


Julia Rucklidge

Professor of Clinical Psychology
Psychology 465
Internal Phone: 94398

Julie Barcelona

Research Associate / Adjunct Fellow
Von Haast 433A

Julie Anne Hicks

Okeover 119
Internal Phone: 94115

Juliet Ann Gerrard

Adjunct Professor

Justin Harrison

Laboratory, Field and Equipment Technician
Ernest Rutherford 161
Internal Phone: 95606

Justine Brougham

Administration Co-ordinator UC Speech and Hearing Clinics
Internal Phone: 94341

Karen Pollard

Associate Professor and Dean
Director of The University of Canterbury Mt John Observatory
Beatrice Tinsley 416
Internal Phone: 95816

Professor Karen Scott

Meremere 305
Internal Phone: 93766

Kari Bassett

Senior Lecturer
Sedimentology & Basin Analysis
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 222
Internal Phone: 94495

Kate Cook

Clinical Educator in Speech-Language Pathology
Psychology 325
Internal Phone: 94414

Kate Pedley

Lecturer -Teaching and Administration
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 223
Internal Phone: 94378

Katharina Naswall

Psychology 203
Internal Phone: 94332

Kathy Hogarth

Field Technician
Geography Staff Block Rm 510
Internal Phone: 94088

Katrina Clark

Human Resources Advisor
Okeover House
Internal Phone: 93453

Katrina Melief

Lab Demonstrator or Instructor
Central Washing Area, Autoclave
Internal Phone: 95188

Kelly Dombroski

Associate Professor
Human Geography
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 313
Internal Phone: 94101

Kerryn Ann Hawke

PhD Researcher

Kevin Brown


Kim Doherty

Terrestrial Ecology
Julius von Haast 318
Internal Phone: 95202

Komal Patil

Postdoctoral Fellow with Paul Kruger's group
Internal Phone: 90280

Konstantin Pavlov

Dr of Physics
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Physics
Beatrice Tinsley 409
Internal Phone: 93040

Kristy Lynn Hogsden

Freshwater Ecology Research Group
Internal Phone: 95179

Kumar Yogeeswaran

Associate Professor
Psychology 210
Internal Phone: 94379

Kyle Andrew Nash

Internal Phone: 94363

Larry Field

Adjunct Associate Professor
Invertebrate Behaviour

Laura Revell

Senior Lecturer
Environmental Physics
Beatrice Tinsley 321
Internal Phone: 90169

Lauren Schaefer

Laurie Anderson

Stores Manager
Rutherford 144
Internal Phone: 94230

Laurie Greenfield

Adjunct Associate Professor
Research Associate

Leanne Morgan

Senior Lecturer
Degree Coordinator
Julius von Haast Rm 736
Internal Phone: 95839

Lianne Woodward

Adjunct Professor
Harvard Medical School, 75 Francis Street, Boston, MA 02115

Linda Morris

Technical Officer
Technical Teaching Coordinator
Freshwater Ecology and Cell Biology
Julius von Haast 318
Internal Phone: 95196

Liz Waugh

Clinic Director
Psychology Centre Coordinator
Geography Staff Block 206

Lukas Marek

Post-Doctoral Fellow Researcher
Geography/Psychology Rm 346
Internal Phone: 7945

Lyn de Groot

School Administrator
Julius von Haast 220
Internal Phone: 95485

Mac Beggs

Elemental Group

Mads Thomsen

Senior Lecturer
Marine Biology
Julius von Haast 239
Internal Phone: 95208

Maggie-Lee Huckabee

Professor of Communication Disorders
Psychology 310
Internal Phone: 95124

Mairead De Roiste

Adjunct Staff

Malcolm Campbell

Associate Professor
Human Geography
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 309
Internal Phone: 94181

Malina Storer

Adjunct Staff

Margaret Maclagan

Adjunct Professor
Psychology 301
Internal Phone: 95316

Margaret Bradshaw

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 301
Internal Phone: 94496

Marie Goulden

Psychology 431
Internal Phone: 94342

Marie L Hale

Senior Lecturer
Population and Conservation Genetics
4th year Coordinator
Biological Sciences 537
Internal Phone: 95175

Marie Squire

Instrument Technician
West 748
Internal Phone: 95085

Marie Sutton

Clinic Administrator
Psychology 154a
Internal Phone: 90325

Mark Aartsen

Internal Phone: 95979

Mark Eggers

Pells Sullivan Meynink

Mark Onslow

Fluency Disorders
Aust. Stuttering Research Centre
Internal Phone: 7188

Mark Cameron Quigley

University of Melbourne

Martin Dorahy

Psychology 511
Internal Phone: 94337

Martin Single

Adjunct Staff
Internal Phone: 7926

Marwan Katurji

Senior Lecturer
Meteorology, Physical Geography
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 228
Internal Phone: 94287

Matt Cockcroft

Geophysical & Environmental Geology Technician
Safety Officer
Ernest Rutherford 114
Internal Phone: 95901

Matt Walters

Science Communication, Digital Imaging, Outreach
Julius von Haast 432
Internal Phone: 95211

Matthew Hughes

Senior Lecturer
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E446
Internal Phone: 94599

Matthew Polson

Compliance and Instrument Technician
Ernest Rutherford Rm121
Internal Phone: 94826

Matthew Stott

Associate Professor
Internal Phone: 92511

Matthew Turnbull

Head of School
Professor in Plant Physiological Ecology
Julius von Haast 222
Internal Phone: 95153

Matthew Wilson

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 316
Internal Phone: 92245

Matthias Dehling

Post Doctoral Fellow

Mauri McSaveney

Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences

Megan McAuliffe

Psychology 323
Internal Phone: 94549

Melanie Tomintz

Research Manager
Julius von Haast 420
Internal Phone: 93824

Meredith Blampied

Clinical Educator
Internal Phone: 90934

Michael Albrow

Associate Professor
Physics 200-level and Astronomy Co-ordinator
Beatrice Tinsley 414
Internal Phone: 95189

Michael Edmonds

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Michael Lever

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Michael Winterbourn

Emeritus Professor
Freshwater Ecology
Zoology Z531
Internal Phone: 95221

Michelle LaRue

Senior Lecturer
Julius von Haast Rm 724
Internal Phone: 90639

Michelle Rogan-Finnemore

COMNAP Executive Secretary
Julius von Haast Rm 726
Internal Phone: 92169

Mike Epton

Adjunct Staff

Mike Finnemore

Southern Geophysical Ltd

Mike Hickford

Research Associate
Marine Ecology
Julius von Haast 345
Internal Phone: 95177

Mike Reid

Beatrice Tinsley 418
Internal Phone: 94252

Mike Van der Colk

Lab Technician
Ernest Rutherford 421
Internal Phone: 95171

Mitja Remus-Emsermann

Senior Lecturer
Internal Phone: 95351

Mohammad Zeidan

Internal Phone: 93661

Murray Laugesen

Adjunct Professor

Murray Munro

West 760
Phone: +643366434
Internal Phone: 6434

Nancy Tye-Murray


Narges Khajavi

Post Doctoral Fellow
West 316C
Internal Phone: 94773

Nathan Alexander

Ernest Rutherford 421
Internal Phone: 95219

Neil Gilbert

Environmental Consultant and Polar Specialist

Neil Thompson

Clinic Director
Psychology 207a
Internal Phone: 94291

Neroli Harris

Technical Officer
Research Facility Manager
Psychology 523
Internal Phone: 94356

Neville Blampied

Emeritus Professor
Psychology 469
Internal Phone: 94385

Nicholas Etheridge

Metalwork, Plastics and Woodwork, Mechanical Servicing
Julius von Haast 145
Internal Phone: 95146

Nick Key

Ernest Rutherford 161
Internal Phone: 95605

Nick Oliver

Senior Specialist Mechanical Technician (CHEM)
West 127
Internal Phone: 95130

Nicki Judson

Administrative Assistant
Julius von Haast2 219
Internal Phone: 95078

Nicole Borland

Clinical Educator in Audiology
Psychology 342
Internal Phone: 94349

Nicole Lauren-Manuera

Technical Manager, Compliance Officer, Finance
Julius von Haast 215
Internal Phone: 95160

Nigel Frost

Senior Technical Officer
Mt John Field Station
Internal Phone: 92129
Mobile: 027 680 3491

Nyil Samuel Khwaja

Internal Phone: 93275

Olav Oftedal

Adjunct Professor

Dr Orlon Petterson

Computing and IT Services Manager
Ernest Rutherford 322
Internal Phone: 94241

Owen Curnow

Associate Professor
Beatrice Tinsley 420
Internal Phone: 94239

Patrice Christina Rosengrave

Evolutionary Biology and Behavioural Ecology
Internal Phone: 95204

Dr Patrick Shepherd

Senior Lecturer
Rehua 417
Internal Phone: 93807

Patrick Wassmer

Adjunct Staff

Paul Bealing

Geospatial Science Technician
Ernest Rutherford 128
Internal Phone: 95607

Paul Broady

Adjunct Senior Fellow
Julius von Haast 418
Internal Phone: 95311

Paul Gardner

Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Otago

Paul Kruger

Beatrice Tinsley 425
Internal Phone: 94367

Paul Russell

Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Psychology 402
Phone: +643366170
Internal Phone: 6170

Paul Scofield

Canterbury Museum

Paula Jameson

Plant Biology
Julius von Haast 531
Internal Phone: 95181

Penny Moore

Retired 19/07/19
West 310
Internal Phone: 95077

Peter Cottrell

Professor Emeritus
Phone: +643366532
Internal Phone: 6532

Peyman Zawar-Reza

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 226
Internal Phone: 94057

Phil Bird


Phil Butler

Professor of Physics / Adjunct position with the HIT Lab
Internal Phone: 6947

Phoebe Macrae

Senior Lecturer
Psychology 310
Internal Phone: 95126

Pieter Pelser

Associate Professor
Plant systematics & Director of UC Herbarium
Julius von Haast 530
Internal Phone: 95228

Prabha Mallya

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 113
Internal Phone: 90091

Quentin MacDonald

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Rachael Hocking

Beatrice Tinsley 404
Internal Phone: 94325

Rachel North

Internal Phone: 92092

Randall Allardyce

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Randolph Grace

Psychology 205
Internal Phone: 92074

Rebecca Kelly

Associate Dean Postgraduate Research
Psychology 315
Internal Phone: 94519

Rebekah Hunt

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 206
Internal Phone: 94384

Reijel Gardiner

Plant Morphology, Microscopy, Taxonomy, Phycology, Animal Collections
Julius von Haast 508
Internal Phone: 95172

Rennie Bishop

Field and Marine Services, Aquarium
Julius von Haast 726
Internal Phone: 95595

Renwick Dobson

Julius von Haast 620
Internal Phone: 95145

Richard Hartshorn

School of Physical and Chemical Sciences Safety Officer
Beatrice Tinsley 428
Internal Phone: 95157

Richard Holdaway

Adjunct Professor
Julius von Haast 422
Phone: +643367073
Internal Phone: 7073

Richard Sainsbury


Rita Dionisio

Senior Lecturer
Human Geography
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 311
Internal Phone: 95993

Rob Hughes

300-Level Co-ordinator
Psychology 206
Internal Phone: 94382

Rob McGregor

Glassblowing Workshop Technician
West 631
Internal Phone: 94268

Rob Spiers

Technical Services Manager
Petrology & Cosmogenics
Ernest Rutherford 109A
Internal Phone: 95950

Robert H Grubbs

Distinguished Professor

Robert Brook Hurst

Robert Stainthorpe

ICP-MS Service Coordinator/Undergraduate Lab Technician
West 713
Internal Phone: 95366

Robert Thirkettle

Specialist Technician (PHYS mechanical workshop)
West 106
Internal Phone: 95935

Robyn Daly

Psychology 222
Internal Phone: 94366

Rod Claridge

Rod Syme

Physics 706
Phone: +643366764
Internal Phone: 6764

Roddy Jack Hale

Adjunct Fellow

Dr Rodrigo Martinez Gazoni

Post Doctoral Fellow
Internal Phone: 92840

Roeline Kuijer

Associate Professor
Thesis Co-ordinator
Psychology 505
Internal Phone: 94362

Roger Reeves

100 level supervisor
Beatrice Tinsley 421
Internal Phone: 95943

Rosalie Reilly

Academic Administrator - Physics (Part-time)
Beatrice Tinsley 406
Internal Phone: 94327

Ross Barnett

Adjunct Staff
Internal Phone: 94076

Rudi Marquez

Head of School
Beatrice Tinsley 403
Internal Phone: 90162
Mobile: +64276427643

Russ Taylor

Project Manager
Tonga Initiative
Te Ao Marama 113
Internal Phone: 95336

Ruth Ramsay

Clinical Educator in Speech-Language Pathology
Psychology 312
Internal Phone: 94548

Sabrina Wang

Clinic Administrator
Internal Phone: 90994

Sacha Baldwin

Cosmogenics, Collections and Field Trip Logistics
Ernest Rutherford 105A
Internal Phone: 94837

Sally Gaw

Beatrice Tinsley 318
Internal Phone: 95904

Samuel Hampton

Ernest Rutherford 263C

Sangeetha Balabhadra

Post Doctoral Fellow with Reid/Wells group

Sarah Beaven

Senior Lecturer
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 208
Internal Phone: 95992

Sarah Caseley

Academic Business Development Manager
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 121
Internal Phone: 94170

Sarah Christofferson

Senior Lecturer
Psychology 504
Internal Phone: 94353

Sarah Drummond

Clinical Educator
Psychology 206B
Internal Phone: 94290

Sarah Kessans

West 325
Internal Phone: 92140

Sarah Masters

Associate Professor
Beatrice Tinsley 422
Internal Phone: 94229

Sarah Pope

Engineering Geology
Ernest Rutherford 109
Internal Phone: 95022

Sarah Sapsford

Fungal and disease ecology
Internal Phone: 90176

Saurabh Bose

West 605
Internal Phone: 95226

Scott Wissinger

Adjunct Fellow
Freshwater Ecology

Seb Pitman

Senior Lecturer
Coastal Geomorphology, Physical Geography
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 227
Internal Phone: 93028

Seth Harty

Senior Lecturer
Psychology 209b
Internal Phone: 92633

Sharlene Wilson

School Administrator
Beatrice Tinsley 402
Internal Phone: 94324

Sharyn Gordon

Psychology 226
Internal Phone: 94336

Shawn Gerrity

Research Assistant
Marine Ecology Research Group
Internal Phone: 95174

Shekinah Jones

Human Resources Coordinator
Okeover House
Internal Phone: 93262

Silvana de Freitas Costa

Psychology 523
Internal Phone: 94357

Simon Brown

Beatrice Tinsley 417
Internal Phone: 94255

Simon Kemp

Honours and 1st Year Masters Co-ordinator
Psychology 208a
Internal Phone: 94394

Simon Kingham

Human Geography,Chief Science Advisor, MoT
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 308
Internal Phone: 94064

Stacie Anne Lilley

Research Assistant
Marine Ecology Research Group
Internal Phone: 94739

Stephen Hemmingsen

Senior Specialist Technician (PHYS mechanical workshop)
West 106
Internal Phone: 92069

Steven Aitken

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Steven Gieseg

Associate Professor
Free Radical Biochemistry
Julius von Haast 437
Internal Phone: 95599

Steven Graham

Electronics Workshop Technician
West 211
Internal Phone: 95382

Steven Marsh

Senior Lecturer
Director of Medical Physics
Beatrice Tinsley 409
Internal Phone: 94225

Susan Foster-Cohen

Child Language

Susan Krumdieck

Adjunct Professor
Civil Mechanical E509
Internal Phone: 92210

Susant Acharya

Research Associate
Internal Phone: 92340

Tammy Steeves

Associate Professor
Conservation Genetics
Julius von Haast 533
Internal Phone: 95378

Tamsin Eleanor Laird

Internal Phone: 91054

Thomas Evans

Julius von Haast 517
Internal Phone: 95147

Tika Ormond

Clinical Educator in Speech-Language Pathology
Psychology 326
Internal Phone: 94509

Tim Davies

Natural Hazards
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 209
Internal Phone: 94508

Tim Kerr

Adjunct Staff

Tim Stahl

Senior Lecturer
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 219
Internal Phone: 92449

Timothy Allison

Chemistry Seminar Co-ordinator
Beatrice Tinsley 328
Internal Phone: 93034

Tom Davison

Chemical Compliance Technician
Internal Phone: 92159

Tom Wilson

Disaster Risk and Resilience
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 210
Internal Phone: 94503

Tony Cole

Adjucnt Associate Professor

Travis Horton

Associate Professor
Environmental Geochemistry
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 212
Internal Phone: 94386

Ursula Rack

Julius von Haast Level 7
Internal Phone: 95961

Valerie Ann Coleman

Internal Phone: 92448

Vanessa Morris

Julius von Haast 635
Internal Phone: 90532

Virginia McIntosh

Associate Professor
Psychology 506
Internal Phone: 95214

Vladimir Golovko

Associate Professor
Director of Research
Beatrice Tinsley 427
Internal Phone: 95942

Wayne Mackay

Senior Specialist Technician
West 124
Internal Phone: 94257

Wendy Lawson

PVC – College of Science
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 119
Internal Phone: 94113

Will Godsoe

Adjunct Fellow

Wolfgang Rack

Associate Professor
Julius von Haast Rm 722
Internal Phone: 95960

Ximena Nelson

Animal Behaviour
Julius von Haast 336
Internal Phone: 95198

Xuefeng Liu

Purchasing and Finance Administrator
Beatrice Tinsley 408
Internal Phone: 95488

Yifang Parker

PA to Head of School | Administrator
Psychology 226
Internal Phone: 92787

Zhe Chen

Associate Professor
100-Level Co-ordinator
Psychology 509
Internal Phone: 94415

Nicky Drake

Professional Programmes Administrator (BSLP(Hons), MSLP, M Aud)
Psychology 226
Internal Phone: 91066

Katrina McGarr

Clinical Educator - Speech and Language Therapy
Psychology 322
Internal Phone: 90882

Toby Macrae

Senior Lecturer
Psychology 305
Internal Phone: 91062

Carl Sheppard

Psychology - Workshop
Internal Phone: 91204

Jamie Shulmeister

Professor and Head of School
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 203
Internal Phone: 90069

Lindsey Conrow

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 310
Internal Phone: 90196

James Brasington

Joint Professorial Chair in Water Resource Management
Julius von Haast Level 7
Internal Phone: 90154

Don Hine

Head of School
Psychology Building 221
Internal Phone: 90179

Jacinta Cording

Psychology 513
Internal Phone: 90723

Michele Bannister

Lecturer in Astrophysics
Beatrice Tinsley 411
Internal Phone: 90336

Mike Maslin

Lecturer in Audiology
Internal Phone: 90521

Kate Jepsen

Clinical Educator in Audiology
Internal Phone: 90455

Lue-Ellen De Lange

Dangerous Goods Transit Depot Operator
Internal Phone: 91272

Anthea Lees

Teaching Lab Coordinator (CHEM)
Internal Phone: 91021

Alex Forster

Administrative Services Manager
BeatriceTinsley 204
Internal Phone: 95915

Fiona Hopkins

SEE Undergraduate Administrator
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 201
Internal Phone: 91145

Kate Murfin

Clinic Administrator
Internal Phone: 90964

Trish Brown

Clinic Administrator, Child Hearing Aid Service
Internal Phone: 90517