Applied learning

You will have hands-on learning experiences in lectures, labs and at our field stations. You can ‘do’ science right from the first semester of your first year.

Time to get practical

As well as extensive science laboratories, research hubs and field stations, UC has:

First in the field

You will have plenty of chances to test out your knowledge, as UC has the most field stations of any New Zealand university.

Influence the world around you

A BSc will expose you to new ideas and technologies, develop your research skills and help you work out how to influence the world around you. As a BSc student you can investigate the world's big issues such as climate change, human health, the global water crisis, food security, and environmental protection.

Internships and projects are an ideal way of solidifying learning and effecting change on topics you are passionate about.

Improve people's lives

Did you know that UC students can solve real-world problems in on-campus clinics? Those studying speech and language pathology, linguistics and psychology can apply their learning in this way to help real people.

UC students in Speech and Language Pathology undertake placements in professional work environments as part of their degree, with at least half of their final year spent in the field.

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