PhD scholarship: Rivers as vectors of microplastic pollution


A fully funded PhD position is available in the College of Science. The student will be part of larger NZ MBIE Endeavour funded project which addresses the role of rivers as dynamic transport vectors of plastic pollution. This PhD project will focus on microplastic pollution by examining the sources and fate of microplastics in an urban catchment.

The successful PhD candidate will be responsible for determining the relationship between different microplastic sources and the types and sizes of microplastics in an urban river. The candidate will also investigate the fragmentation potential of different plastic polymers and increase our understanding of microplastic formation. This will involve microplastic analysis using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), analysis of plastic degradation, and genetic analysis of biofilm communities using Next Generation Sequencing.
The ideal candidate will have experience working in freshwater or marine environments, skills in spectroscopy or bioinformatics, and strong experimental/laboratory skills. There will be travel between Christchurch and Wellington for field work. The position begins in July 2019 and includes funds covering a stipend, tuition and operating costs. There will be opportunities to seek additional funding and the student should be comfortable with grant applications. Domestic and international students are encouraged to apply. Applicants must meet the University of Canterbury entrance requirements.

To apply, please send a cover letter stating your interests and experience relevant to the project and a CV to Dr. Sally Gaw.


Prospective PhD students

$27,500 per annum & fees to $7,500 per annum
3 years
Closing Dates
Always Open

How to apply for this scholarship

You may apply through this webpage approximately 8 weeks before applications close. If it’s possible to apply on-line for this scholarship there will be a link above to the on-line system. If the link is not provided, please download and complete the application form located below.

However, if the scholarship is managed by Universities NZ or another department of the University an External Website link will appear below and application instructions will be available through that link.


Application required only. Postgraduate. Chemistry.


While every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct, applicants are advised to check the application forms and regulations for eligibility criteria, scholarship value and tenure, and closing dates.