Professor Jim Coxon Graduate Chemistry Fund


This fund supports postgraduate students in the Department of Chemistry to present their research results at a national or international conference. The grant was established by Dr Gregory S C Hii in 2009 in recognition of the supervisor of his graduate studies in Chemistry at the University of Canterbury, Professor Jim Coxon.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Applications must be made to the Head of the Department of Chemistry. An application must include: (1) a statement of the applicant's intent of use of the award (up to 1 page); and (2) a statement of support from the applicant's supervisor (up to 1 page).


Postgraduate Chemistry students

$750 (up to)
Closing Dates
10 Nov 2020

How to apply for this scholarship

You may apply through this webpage approximately 8 weeks before applications close. If it’s possible to apply on-line for this scholarship there will be a link above to the on-line system. If the link is not provided, please download and complete the application form located below.

However, if the scholarship is managed by Universities NZ or another department of the University an External Website link will appear below and application instructions will be available through that link.


Application required only. Postgraduate. Domestic Students. International Students. Chemistry.


While every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct, applicants are advised to check the application forms and regulations for eligibility criteria, scholarship value and tenure, and closing dates.