MacDiarmid Institute 2015 PhD Scholarship: The Role of Physical Forces in Cancer Development


The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology is New Zealand’s premier research organisation concerned with high quality research and research education in materials science and nanotechnology. 30+ PhD studentships are now open across our research areas and partnership institutions. This scholarship will support study that will apply, for the first time, measurable forces on individual cells or groups of cells in 3D clusters using microfluidic channels with flexible actuators and force sensing arrays. The influence of the applied physical forces on cancer cell growth and spread will be determined.The biological activities of the cells will be monitored. We will be utilizing Bioimprint, a technology developed in our lab to mimic the micro and nano environment of cells by a unique high resolution replication of cell features in polymers.

Successful candidates will be a member of the MacDiarmid Institute, a national Centre of Research Excellence which provides collaborative opportunities and a thriving environment to work in. As a MacDiarmid Institute PhD student you will be encouraged and financially supported to take advantage of the many opportunities we provide to broaden your experience and skills. Activities on offer include 3-6 month industry internships, one day workshops on specialist topics, intensive multi-day bootcamps (held in remote and beautiful locations) where experts share their knowledge in an important current research area, and outreach events, working with school teachers or children. The MacDiarmid Emerging Scientists Association (MESA), run by students and postdocs, organizes additional activities including an annual Student/Postdoc symposium.

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$27,000 per annum plus tuition fees
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