Roper Scholarship in Science


The scholarship is awarded to the first-ranked candidate for the UC Doctoral Scholarship who will be studying in the College of Science and has not been awarded the Brownlie Scholarship. The scholarship was established in 1979 from a bequest of Edward William Roper (d. 4 October 1920).

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Candidates must have completed an appropriate qualification at a level judged to be equivalent to a bachelor's or master's degree with first-class honours at the University of Canterbury (equivalent to a UC GPA of at least 7.0). The scholarship is tenable in the College of Science.

$26,000 per annum plus tuition fees at domestic rate
3 years
Closing Dates
Application Not Required


No application required only. College of Science. Postgraduate.


While every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct, applicants are advised to check the application forms and regulations for eligibility criteria, scholarship value and tenure, and closing dates.