BiSSkiT software

Biofeedback in Strength and Skill Training (BiSSkiT) is a training protocol and accompanying software programme for rehabilitation and outcome measurement of swallowing impairments.  It is based on, and dependent on, surface electromyography as a hardware platform.

It is simple to use and specifically designed for clinicians and researchers in the area of swallowing and swallowing disorders, but may have applications in many areas of rehabilitation medicine in which feedback would be of value to motor task performance.


  • Easy to install and operate on a PC or laptop with Microsoft Windows Operating System. See our system requirements page for more information.
  • Designed for clinicians to guide patients through personalised, targeted exercises for improved power or improved precision in motor performance.
  • The challenge provided by feedback is adapted by patient success or failure.
  • A variety of training protocols can be adapted for patient need: immediate feedback, delayed feedback, fading feedback schedule. 
  • A variety of audio and visual feedback types provide interest and motivation. 
  • Sessions can be saved to the database with the ability to review the full session and perform additional measurements.
  • Assessment protocols with a fixed target for task performance allow for intermittent outcome measurement.
  • Specificity of measurement makes this a very adaptable research tool for measuring change in participant performance on motor tasks.

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BiSSkiT is available at a fixed price of $800NZD (excl. GST) for a perpetual, single-user License. Multiple computers within a single health system will require separate licenses.

Email the BiSSkiT team on for multiple-license purchases. BiSSkiT is currently available to clinicians in the European Economic Area, Australia and in New Zealand.

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