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Swallowers disorders are poorly understood with rehabilitation of impaired swallowing even less well developed. This leads to clinical services, worldwide, with a foundation of best practice that is often inaccurate, with rehabilitation that is ineffective, inefficient. Researchers and clinicians at the Rose Centre are all committed to redefining ‘best practice’ for swallowing impairment by expanding knowledge of this often misunderstood disorder. Our goal is to help those with a swallowing disorder recover swallowing function or improve sufficiently to gain the best possible quality of life. We are also firm believers in 'patient researchers', encouraging our patients to take an active role in the development of rehabilitation strategies for themselves and future patients.

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Although we are a University of Canterbury clinical research centre, we are funded almost exclusively on community support and donation and endowments. We need our community – patients, families, and others – to support the work that we do.

If you would like to make a donation or contribution of any amount, we invite you to contact Fiona Bellett who can send you a credit card form or provide details on how to make a donation that directly reaches the Rose Centre. You are also welcome to directly contact our Director, Professor Huckabee or Deputy Director, Dr Macrae to discuss your plans for donation.

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