About us

CURe (Community and Urban Resilience) is a transdisciplinary research cluster dedicated to improving the resilience of communities. Achieving urban resilience requires that our communities, companies, ecosystems and governments, build the capacity to reduce the short and long-term consequences of disruptions in a manner that is just and sustainable. This implies working with communities to foster the ability to cope with both unexpected and continuous change, while working across multiple scales to transform the systems that are endangering community and ecosystem resilience. Urban resilience depends on systems well beyond the city-limits and our research interests include the non-urban spaces that impact on and are impacted by the urban environments.

Our mission is to become a team of researchers and community partners that together can rethink resilience practice and work with communities both locally and globally to prepare. With our foundational commitments kaitiakitanga (guardianship), whanaungatanga (social connectedness), manaakitanga (generosity) and puawaitanga (best outcomes), we can tackle the complex challenges facing our urban communities and environments.