Professor Keith Alexander

From Kiwi Shed to US Product of the Year: the commercial deal award celebrates excellence in research commercialisation delivering outstanding innovation performance and the potential for generating significant economic impact for New Zealand.

  • Keith Alexander in front of some of his prototypes © University of Canterbury 2017

    KiwiNet Commercial Deal Award Finalist 2014 - Prof Keith Alexander, Springfree Trampoline

Dr Keith Alexander from Canterbury University wanted to buy his kids a safe trampoline, but he found there wasn’t such a thing. As an inventor he decided to redesign how a recreational trampoline works.

The result was the Springfree™ Trampoline, a true innovation in trampoline technology that has spun out from its public research origins into a successful commercial venture.

The successful commercialisation of this technology has resulted in significant economic benefits to New Zealand, creating jobs and building capability for New Zealand. The Springfree™ Trampoline company has a strong international presence, particularly in North America and China. 40,000 units are currently sold annually internationally (including 1800 in NZ), with production expected to increase 50% in 2014.

Springfree™ Trampolines is achieving great traction internationally, featuring as one of Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘12 Days of Christmas’ audience giveaways in 2010.