Adrian Clark

Senior LecturerAdrian Clark

West 329
Internal Phone: 92458


Research Interests

Adrian is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Immersive Game Design in the School of Product Design.

He completed his PhD in Computer Science at the HIT Lab NZ, where he developed a robust natural feature registration framework called OPIRA Optical-flow Perspective Invariant Registration Augmentation.

Recent Publications

  • Clark AJ. (2010) OPIRA: The Optical-Flow Perspective Invariant Registration Augmentation and Other Improvements for Natural Feature Registration. Christchurch, New Zealand. University of Canterbury.
  • Clark A. (2004) Hybrid AR User Interfaces in Collaborative Gaming. Christchurch. University of Canterbury.
  • Billinghurst M., Clark A., Lee G. and Tan DS. (2015) A Survey of Augmented Reality. eBook: Now Foundations and Trends. 218.
  • Khan H., Clark A., Woodward G. and Lindeman R. (2020) Improved Position Accuracy of Foot-Mounted Inertial Sensor by Discrete Corrections from Vision-Based Fiducial Marker Tracking. Sensors 20(18): 5031-5031.
  • Müssig J., Clark A., Hoermann S., Loporcaro G., Loporcaro C. and Huber T. (2020) Imparting materials science knowledge in the field of the crystal structure of metals in times of online teaching: A novel online laboratory teaching concept with an augmented reality application. Journal of Chemical Education 97(9): 2643-2650.