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Electron microscope

UC's College of Engineering, College of Science and Biomolecular Interaction Centre (BIC) have outstanding equipment for delivering world-class research. Some of this equipment can be hired by external parties and is outlined below.


External astronomers can apply for surplus telescope time at Mt John by contacting Associate Professor Karen Pollard.


The UCEM is the most comprehensive electron microscopy laboratory in New Zealand, with four operational electron microscopes (two scanning and two transmission). A range of short courses are available to train users within UC. External visitors are also welcome to use these facilities with training or with the assistance of our technical staff.

Internal and external users can book a session on the electron microscope after receiving training or with the assistance of our technical staff.

Book a session (authorised users only)

Electron Microscope Booking System

Laboratory equipment

JEOL JSM IT-300 variable pressure scanning electron microscope

Electron microscope_DPC_block
  • Oxford Aztec SDD energy dispersive x-ray analysis system
  • Aztec/HKL Electron Backscattered Detector (EBSD) system
  • Aztec Large area mapping and Feature software
  • Forescatter and backscatter electron detectors

Philips CM200 high resolution analytical transmission electron microscope

  • Single and double tilt holders
  • Oxford INCA energy dispersive x-ray analysis system
  • Gatan digital camera

JEOL JSM 7000F field emission, high resolution scanning electron microscope

  • JEOL energy dispersive x-ray analysis system
  • Backscatter electron detector
  • Infrared chamber camera
  • Gatan Cathodoluminescence detector

Philips CM120  transmission electron microscope (available from late 2017)

  • Single and double tilt holders

Support equipment

  • Gatan Pips Precision ion Polishing System
  • Gatan Model 691 dimple grinder
  • Fischione twin jet electro polishing unit
  • Emitech K975X Coater (gold sputter and carbon evaporative coating)
  • Scanner for TEM negatives
  • Darkroom facilities


For more information about this facility contact:

Shaun Mucalo

Interim Technical Officer
Internal Phone: 90476

Geological sciences equipment

The Geological Sciences department operates its own petrography preparation suite which has the most sophisticated thin section machine in New Zealand, with the only Logitech LP50 in the country. For contract thin section work contact Rob Spiers.

Transportation laboratory equipment and software

Transportation Laboratory Equipment: 

  • Bitumen viscosity, aging and penetration test equipment
  • British Pendulum Skid Resistance tester
  • Polished Stone Tester (accelerated weathering of sealing chips)
  • Gyratory and Marshall compaction of asphaltic concrete specimens
  • Indirect Tensile Modulus and creep testing of asphaltic concrete specimens
  • Vibratory compaction of unbound granular material specimens
  • Repeated Load Triaxial Testing of unbound granular specimens
  • Loadman Portable Falling Weight Deflectometer device
  • Real-time traffic monitoring suite
  • MetroCount traffic counting and speed measuring equipment
  • Autoscope vehicle image processing camera
  • Handheld laser speed gun
  • TIRTL infrared traffic logger
  • Psion handheld data collection devices
  • Various other traffic measurement equipment (tubes, lasers)

Transportation Computer Software available:

  • PLUTO - analysis of transport policy options
  • TransCAD - GIS modelling of transport networks
  • SATURN - mesoscopic simulation and assignment of traffic in road networks
  • Paramics - microscopic simulation and visualisation of individual vehicles in road networksUndertaking traffic surveys
  • SIDRA - analysis of intersection performance (priority/roundabout/signalised)
  • CAS - NZ Transport Agency crash database analysis and reporting
  • TRARR - rural road traffic simulation
  • TRIPS, TRACKS, QRS - macroscopic transport network planning
  • IHSDM - safety modelling of highway geometric designs
  • EEM - NZ Transport Agency project economic evaluation
  • ABAQUS - finite element modelling of pavements
  • CIRCLY - elastic analysis of pavement layers
  • 12D - geometric road design and layout

Captif testing facility (in conjunction with the New Zealand Transport Agency).

Some equipment is available for hire.  Please contact our lab manager below.

John Kooloos

Technical Officer
Technician - Transportation laboratory
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E111A
Internal Phone: 92259

Biomolecular interactions equipment

The Biomolecular Interaction Centre (BIC) has a range of advanced technologies to enhance our ability to study biomolecular interactions. If you are interested in learning about or using any of the facilities below, please use our equipment and services booking form.

  • High Performance Anion Exchange Chromatography (HPAEC PAD)
  • Analytical ultracentrifuge (AUC)
  • Confocal microscope
  • Nanofabrication Laboratory (NanoLab)
  • Automatic Electrophoresis Equipment (BioRad Experion)
  • Chromatography Equipment (BioRad Duoflows and AKTAs)
  • Circular Dichroism Spectrometer (Jasco 815)
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Dynamic Light Scatter Detection (Zetasizer Nano DS)
  • Isothermal Calorimeter (MicroCal)
  • Protein Crystallography Robot (Mosquito)
  • Nano Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Plate Readers
  • Real Time PCR (BioRad IQ5)
  • Static Light Scattering Detection (Viscotek)
  • Surface Plasmon Resonance (BioRad ProteOn XPR 36)
  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometers (Cary 100)
  • Forte Bio Blitz