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Bercovitch Centre databases and research

01 August 2023

The Bercovitch Data Centre for Conflict Mediation and Peace Building has a variety of datasets. From international conflict management and civil wars mediation to Asia-Pacific Conflict and Peace-building, learn more about our databases and research.


Our databases

Bercovitch International Conflict Management Dataset

The ICM dataset includes quantitative data on international conflicts and conflict management from 1945 through to 2003. This database is best used in conjunction with Jacob Bercovitch and Judith Fretter, Regional Guide to International Conflict and Management from 1945 to 2003 (Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly, 2004).

Bercovitch International Conflict Management Dataset

Download (application/zip, 4 MB)

Civil Wars Mediation Dataset (DeRouen and Bercovitch)

The CWM dataset includes quantitative data on all occurrences of civil war mediation since 1946 and is still being updated and maintained. Primary financial support for this dataset has been provided by Folke Bernadotte Academy of Sweden.

Please take note that the CWM dataset is updated regularly and may differ from previous versions. Both the ICM and CWM datasets are available to researchers. We ask users of these datasets to acknowledge the dataset authors in their publications.

Civil Wars Mediation Dataset

Download (application/zip, 185 KB)

Asia-Pacific Conflict and Peace-building database (Bercovitch, Ockey and Talib)

The Asia-Pacific Conflict and Peace-building database is a mixed quantitative/qualitative database that covers the Asia-Pacific region only, from 1985 to 2013.

Our research

The archive contains all the working papers since the series began in August 2014.

Dissolving Colours? Reconciliation in Thailand. (PDF, 491KB)
James S Ockey (received 15 August 2014)

An Analysis of the Negotiations between the Government of Myanmar and the Kachin Independence Organisation. (PDF, 546 KB)
Evan Hoffman (received 31 August 2014)

Participation With (out) Hesitation: An Examination of Youth Political Participation During the Conflict in Southern Thailand. (PDF, 988 KB)
Thanikun Chantra (received 15 October 2017)

Works by Jacob Bercovitch

We provide here a list of all the writings of Jacob Bercovitch. We hope this will be useful to those who wish to follow the development of his thinking and work over the years, and will help to set out the broad parameters of the Bercovitch School of Mediation and Conflict Resolution. We have also provided doi numbers to make it easier to locate the articles.

Work in progress: Bibliography of Conflict, Mediation and Peace-building with a focus on the Asia-Pacific

This bibliography focuses on works on the Pacific, where it is reasonably comprehensive in its coverage, but also includes many works on Southeast Asia. We hope it will be a useful resource for research on the region. 

Uppsala Conflict Data Program

The Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) includes several datasets on conflict and peace-building, with most updated annually. The UCDP Conflict Encyclopedia (UCDP database) provides descriptions of conflicts, peace agreements and related material, covering the period since the end of World War II.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

Includes datasets on arms transfers, military expenditures, arms production, and peace operations. Publishes an annual yearbook.

Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project

Focuses on political violence in developing states, especially in Africa. Details the types of events, locations, dates, deaths, and groups involved for a range of types of political violence. Covers governments, rebels, and protestors, and includes recruitment activities. Constantly updated.

Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)

Includes data on armed conflict, the arms trade, governance, international trade, and houses the replication datasets for the Journal of Peace Research. Also includes a bibliography of references of specific conflict events.

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