2006 UC Calendar

The 2006 Calendar is available electronically in 10 parts:

Sections of the Calendar

  1. General Information  pg1-36 (PDF, 539KB)

  2. Academic Awards Regulations pg37-41 (PDF, 71KB)

  3. Admission pg42-52 (PDF, 128KB)

  4. Enrolment and Fees Policies Regulations pg53-67 (PDF, 193KB)

  5. General Course and Examination Regulations pg68-79 (PDF, 126KB)

  6. Course Regulations pg80-487 (PDF, 6.6MB)

  7. Prescriptions pg488-842 (PDF, 4.6MB)

  8. General Regulationspg843-857 (PDF, 175KB)

  9. Student Services pg858-867 (PDF, 187KB)

  10. Index pg868-880 (PDF, 143KB)


Amendments to the printed version of the 2006 Calendar

  • p.9
    Show Day is 17 November 2006

  • p.10 
    Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Engineering) is Professor Peter Jackson

  • p.79 GCER T
    A full time candidate is one who is enrolled for ... 0.4 EFTS or more for full time/part year study (first or second semester).

  • p.843 Discipline Regulation
    These regulations have been revised. The revised version supersedes the version in the hard copy of the 2006 Calendar.