Student Declaration
Use of Information

Personal Information and the Privacy Act:

The University of Canterbury will collect, use, store, and disclose personal information relating to students in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993. Where practicable all such personal information is obtained directly from students, or from their nominated agent(s). Additionally, information may be obtained or verified through relevant government or education agencies, including the New Zealand National Student Index.

Security and Unique ID

Information will be controlled by the University and all reasonable security measures will be maintained. A unique identifier will be assigned to each student, which will be used in conjunction with a secondary means of identification or password/PIN.

Use of Information

Staff members and other personnel within the University or within agencies under contract to the University will have access to students’ personal information for purposes relevant to normal university operations including but not limited to: admission, enrolment, study, attendance and participation in learning events and activities, academic progress, tuition fees and charges, establishing and maintaining academic and graduation records, assessment, academic agreements (exchange/ study abroad partners, scholarship providers or sponsors, programme delivery partners), academic advice and support, student services, discipline, security and safety, Library and IT services, managing students’ association(s) membership and records, managing records of graduates, and other alumni, and managing and improving the quality of services provided by the University. 

In order to conduct its proper business and as required under the Education Act 1989 and other laws, regulations, and contractual agreements by which it is bound, the University may use the student information it holds and may disclose information to external agencies such as government departments, bodies responsible for course moderation and professional accreditation or membership, agencies for financial support and pastoral care, and university student and alumni associations.

Such agencies may include, but are not limited to:

  • The Ministry of Education (information will be recorded on the National Student Index and used in an authorised information matching programme with the NZ Birth Register)
  • The Ministry of Social Development (including Work and Income NZ and StudyLink)
  • Inland Revenue Department
  • Te Puni Kōkiri
  • Immigration New Zealand (for students who are not NZ citizens)
  • Relevant professional bodies
  • Course moderation or accreditation bodies
  • Tertiary Education Commission
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Education New Zealand
  • UC Foundation
  • UC International College (UCIC)

Types of Information

Information provided to external agencies is either student specific (typically name, date of birth, current contact details and academic/ graduation details) or cohort specific (aggregated or statistical information that does not identify individuals).

Use of Federation Services

The University is a member of the Tuakiri New Zealand Access Federation, which is a service that enables students and others to seamlessly access certain IT resources using a single set of user credentials. Some federated services require sharing unique identifiers or personally identifying information (which can include your preferred name, UC user code, affiliation as staff, student, or alumni, or an anonymous token to identify you to the service). Students who use services registered with the Tuakiri Federation may have their information disclosed in the form of tokens for the purposes of accessing services.   No data will be released until users log in to the service for the first time.

Consent Required

Where collection, provision or disclosure of information is voluntary or falls outside the scope of information the University is permitted to collect, store, use and disclose under the Privacy Act 1993, students will be advised and their consent will be obtained prior to the collection, provision or disclosure of information.

Access to Information

The University will make information held about students available to them upon request and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, which also describes the conditions under which information may be withheld. Students have the right to request correction of personal information held in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993. If a student withholds information or provides incomplete, false or misleading information the University may decline or cancel the admission or enrolment and may withhold the academic record if its veracity cannot be confirmed.

This privacy statement operates in conjunction with the University of Canterbury’s Privacy Policy (PDF).

Further information

See Student Declaration - Agreement page for the enrolment agreement text.