Student Declaration Agreement

During the enrolment process, all students enrolling for study read the Declaration Agreement below before answering the question. 

A positive answer to this question will be taken in the same context as if you were signing the declaration. 

  • Yes I have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Declaration below.
  • No I have not read or do not agree to the declaration (Students who answer NO to this question will not be permitted to continue with the enrolment procedure.)

I understand that the University of Canterbury will collect, store, use and disclose personal information about me in the course, and for the purpose, of conducting its normal and proper business and for the purpose of marketing/public relations, fundraising and maintaining donor records, and that a unique identifier will be assigned to me to facilitate this. I have read and understand how such information will be managed and disclosed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, and as outlined on the University's Privacy website.This privacy statement operates in conjunction with the University of Canterbury’s Privacy Policy. Where there is any conflict with the Privacy Policy, the terms of the Privacy Policy will prevail. I acknowledge that I have the right to access and seek correction of personal information held about me and understand that if I withhold information or provide false or misleading information my enrolment may be terminated.

The personal information collected will be controlled by the University during the enrolment process, while you remain enrolled, and for such time thereafter as is necessary for the University to fulfil its administrative obligations, or for the purposes of providing alternative enrolment pathways. While you remain enrolled at the University you will be asked regularly to update that information.  As well as for the purposes of conducting its proper business, the University uses personal information for a variety of statistical and research purposes, but in so doing it always ensures that no individual can be identified. 

You should be aware that examination results and results for in-term assessment constitute personal information under the Privacy Act and you also have the right to request that your work be returned to you privately. Graduation information, including your name and award, will be made public information.

For domestic students, upon request, your graduation information may be provided to your secondary school for use in honours boards, school publications and for the purposes of improving teaching practice. 

For international students, information concerning your academic progress, including grade information, may be provided to your agent, homestay host, sponsor or home university upon request for the purposes of providing academic and pastoral support or for the provision of Study Abroad transfer of credit and evidence relating to compliance with conditions of entitlement to study in New Zealand.

If you have any questions about the privacy of your personal information please contact the University’s Privacy Officer, the Registrar, Mr Jeff Field.

By agreeing YES above, I declare that all the information submitted in this application form and in the attached documents is correct and complete, and that I accept the terms of the Student Code of Conduct. I acknowledge that if I provide incorrect or incomplete information this may result in the cancellation of my enrolment. I acknowledge that the submission of fraudulent, forged, or otherwise dishonest documentation in support of this application will automatically disqualify me from enrolment. I understand that in such a case the University of Canterbury reserves the right to inform all other New Zealand universities of the fact along with my name and date of birth and that the Police and/or Immigration may also be informed. I consent to the collection and use of my personal information as outlined above.

Further information

See Student Declaration - Use of Information page for further reading