The UC Summer Reserach Scholarship is not available for students who are currently enrolled in postgraduate study.  Undergraduate or Honours students can find more information about the programme here


Staff project applications for 2019/2020 have now closed

UC Summer Research Scholarships (for UC staff).


The Summer Research Scholarship scheme is sponsored by the UC Trust Fund and UC Foundation and offers up to 100 scholarships to senior students, giving them the opportunity to undertake a supervised research project for a period of approximately 10 weeks during the summer recess.

The UCTF and UC Foundation will sponsor $2,500 per project and the Project Leader is required to find funding of $2,500 per project.  This funding can be either internal or external to UC.  If funding is from an external source, project leaders should make it clear to external funders that these are research scholarships NOT internships.  Students must be conducting research rather than acting as an employee.

A UC Summer Research Scholarship provides the opportunity for a student to:

  • receive a $5,000 scholarhip (released in two payments in December and January)
  • Work on a supervised research project for 400 hours (approximately 10 weeks) over the summer period (November - February)
  • Give a presentation at the Summer Research Scholarship Feedback Day (February)

Student Information:

For the student information please go to the UC Summer Scholarships website 

Things staff need to know before submitting a project for approval:

  • Seek approval from your HOD/S to run the project. (We are making an assumption that you have had approval to run the project on application).
  • Organise your funding information. You will be required to fund $2,500 for each project.  As noted above, this can be either be funds from your department or external funding to UC.  You will need to provide this information at the time of application, failure to provide this information will mean your project will not be accepted.  (please follow this link to download the Summer Scholarship external Funding form)
  • If providing an oracle code, please use one code per project.
  • Late applications will not be accepted.
  • All projects must have a project leader who will be available during the entire period of the project. Project leaders may be UC Academic Staff or external collaborators.  All projects must have a UC staff member as the contact person.

What happens next after the project is approved?:

  • Project leaders will be notified if their project has been accepted or declined. In some cases, we may need to limit the number of projects per department due to demand (or due to the funding available).  If we do need to limit the number of projects, we will be contacting the Head of Department or School to request a ranked list.  
  • It is the project leaders/HODS responsibility to advertise the availability of projects to their students. Please make sure staff are familiar of the eligibility criteria before approaching students as ineligible students will be declined.  (Applications from 3rd year Engineering and Speech and Language Pathology professional degrees are now eligible to apply).
  • As per the deadlines below, lists of eligible students will be sent to project leaders for consideration.  first and second choices will need to be considered as the top students are often accepted into more than one project.  
  • We will try to notify students as soon as a decision has been made, the sooner project leaders make decisions, the sooner we can notify them.
  • The start date of the project is noted in the timeline. Project leaders can negotiate the start date, but must keep in mind the christmas break and the requirement to meet the 10 week timeframe.

How do we decide which projects will be funded?:

  • Projects that are fully funded by the department (either internal or external funding) will be approved subject to finding an appropriate student.
  • Preference will be given to applications with at least 50% funding ($2,500) from either departmental or external funds.
  • as noted above, if we have too many projects, the selection of projects will be in collaboration with the HOD/S.
  • If there is funding available, we will consider centrally fully funded ($5,000) projects (ie departments do not need to find the $2,500), however these will only be considered when we know how many students have accepted their offers.

Canterbury Medical Research Foundation (CMRF) Co-funding

For more information about the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation, please go to their website.

CMRF have confirmed they will co-fund up to 12 projects.  It is likely applications for CMRF funding will be popular.  To indicate that you wish to be considered for CMRF co-funding, please go to:

1. the funding section.  Click on the 'yes' button. 

2. Under "my contribution of $2500 will be funded by - tick the "other" box. 

3. a "please specify e.g. DOC" box will appear: add "CMRF funding".  


Department of Conservation (DOC) Projects.

Staff wishing to work with the Department of Conservation's set projects may apply by listing which project on the application form:

To indicate if you wish to be considered for DOC funding, please go to:

1. the funding section.  Click on the 'yes' button. 

2. Under "my contribution of $2500 will be funded by - tick the "other" box. 

3. a "please specify e.g. DOC box will appear: add "DOC" and the "code" of the project you wish to apply for.  

To check the list of projects available, please see here

If you are liaising directly with a DOC staff member and are not wishing to embark on one of the projects listed, you will need to supply funding information as per the external funding process.


External Funding Confirmation.

If you are seeking funding from an external partner (eg industry) please arrange to have the following form filled in and submitted with your application

Summer Scholarship external Funding


Any questions should be directed to Lisa Carter at (

Summer Research Scholarships Timeline  2019/2020 timeline:

 Call for Projects to Academics 2nd September 2019
 Project proposal submissions due back from Academics 15th September 2019
 Selection of projects to be funded and confirmed 18th September 2019
 List of projects available on the web for circulation to students 20th September 2019
 Deadline for student applications to apply online 3rd October 2019
 Selection of students for projects sent to Project leaders for recommendations 7th October 2019
 Department recommendations due to Dean PGR 13th October 2019
 Students selected and notified 18th October 2019
 Deadline for students to accept or decline offers 25th October 2019
 Final list of recipients and funding details to Scholarship office 4th November 2019
 Scholarship start date 18th November 2019
 Scholarship Feedback Conference 7th February 2020
 Scholarship Report Form submitted 14th February 2020
 Certificate sent to candidates who have completed all requirements 13th March 2020